What Others Are Saying about Electo-Matic LED Signs

"We are very happy with the attention we receive from our new 16mm, full-color LED display. It gives us a lot of flexibility in design. Our new sign is much more visible than our old monochrome sign and gives us more ability to capture the attention of ongoing traffic."

-Rachelle Kniffen, Leader Dogs for the Blind

“Electro-Matic Visual’s tech support team dealt directly with our end user and was able to have a person on-site to make installation and training go very smoothly for all involved.”

- Andrew Kohlmann, Owner, Image360 Traverse City

"It was a privilege to partner with the City of Royal Oak on their parking garage sign packages. When it came to implementing Electronic Message Centers with their car count system, we partnered with Electro-Matic Visual. The team at EM Visual did an outstanding job. Their team & engineers were able to custom program their units to allow them to work with their regular software to display custom messages & tie in with the counter system to record the number of spots open in each parking garage on the same display. Electro-Matic Visual made the whole process easy on everyone & we would highly recommend them for this type of application." 

- Jim Johnson, Johnson Sign Co.

"With the implementation of the LED displays we are now able to communicate with the guests and residents of Royal Oak to make their visit or stay less problematic." 

-Greg Rassel, Director of the City of Royal Oak

"We have seen an increase of business of 25% since the sign has been installed and we are talking about a business that has been around in the same location for 20 years." 

-Ellaine Tambouids, Fuzzy's Family Diner, Owner

"Our catering business has exploded from our LED slides - it's so easy to create compelling and effective content using Electro-Matic's software to drive more business to our restaurant." 

-Heather Bowling, KFC Owner

"With our new LED sign from Electro-Matic we have seen our sales increase by 30%. At first I was against getting an LED sign, but now that we have one and have seen the results I wouldn't open another KFC restaurant without one."

-Joan Bowling, KFC Owner 

"Thanks again for your help today and I must say you gave the best customer service I have ever had. Hard to find that these days."

-Joyce McCoy, Prairie Grain Partners

“We continue to have great success with Electro-Matic Displays. Teaming up with Electro-Matic for the Town of Dover is just another example of their flexible offerings. They were perfect fit once again.”

—Ron Yando, Operations Manager for EM Signs

"This is one of the largest non-billboard displays in the Quad Cities area. This Hyperion Plus message center stands tall and will be a great revenue generator for Big 10 Mart."

—Doug Jarvis, Acme Sign Company

"We Chose Electro-Matic and Hyperion Plus because we like to work with Michigan-based companies. Their service and support is Industry Best!"

—Scott Tardiff, Sun Ray Sign Group

"The furniture images on the Hyperion Plus Displays look awesome. We were once again very pleased with the product from Electro-Matic."

—Doug Jarvis, Acme Sign Company

"We like using Electro-Matic's Hyperion brand of LED Message Centers because their support is industry-best and they are Michigan-based."

—Mark Johnson, MRJ Sign Company

"The local McDonald's marketing team was glad Acme recommended Electro-Matic's Hyperion Plus. Electro-Matic's support and service far exceeded their experience with other manufacturers."

—Doug Jarvis, Acme Sign Company

"The Hyperion Plus unit will help the Athletic Department at Spring Arbor University communicate to both students and the public. The sign has become a campus landmark."

—Scott Hands, Knight Industrial Sales

"Alcoa has been a long time customer of ours and we are happy to enhance the welcome sign for their guests with the addition of an Electro-Matic Hyperion Plus Message Center."

—Doug Jarvis, Acme Sign Company

"Electro-Matic was essential in helping us identify the right product for our customer. They came to sales meetings, helped answer questions and even brought us in for a tour of their facilities. On the day of installation, they set up support and software training. I could not have asked for better support throughout the entire process."

—Matt Keiser, Signs By Tomorrow