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LED Display Return On Investment Calculator

Business Revenue

Total Average Sales per day
Meals, tires, tickets, tune-ups, etc.
Revenue per sale
Gross sales price
Average Gross Profit in %
Gross Profit per Sale
Days per month you are open
20 if you donít work weekends
Gross Profit

Projected Gross Profit Increase

There are two different methods to project sales increases due to the installation of LED based Electronic Message Centers. 1.) Estimated new sales based on passing traffic recognising your business. 2.) Increase business based on a study done by the Small Business Association (SBA) which shows increases between 15 and 150% with the addition of an Electronic Message Center
Estimated Daily Traffic Count
1 way & 1.4 average car occupancy
1.) Estimated New Sales
Estimated new sales per 1,000 views
Increase in business due to passing traffic seeing the sign.
2.) SBA Increase
SBA estimates 15 - 150%
*Small Business Association - "Retailers that chose to enhance their signage with an Electronic message display typically see an increase in business from 15-150%)" Click here to see the full report
Projected increased based on Traffic
Projected increase based on SBA report

Sign Expenses

Sign Price
Typical 4ft x 6ft double sided monochrome LED ($15,000)
Loan Duration
Total Expense
Rate based on a 48 month lease term. For the purpose of the ROI analysis energy costs are negligible, the cost to run a 4 x 6 double sided monochrome display is approximately 27 cents per day.

Net Profit Increase and ROI

Days to Break Even (monthly)
Added Monthly Net Profit
Added Yearly Net Profit
Return On Investment will be seen in
1.) Projected increase and ROI based on Traffic
2.) Projected increase and ROI based on SBA report