LED Digital Sign Products

At Electro-Matic Visual Products, we offer a wide range of LED products including LED signs for both indoor and outdoor use as well as LED lighting solutions.

Outdoor LED Signs

We offer a broad selection of LED signs for outdoor applications. Outdoor LED signs are excellent for schools, restaurants, financial institutions, auto dealerships and more. Our outdoor LED sign offerings include the following:

School Tri-color LED Hyperion Display

Red/Amber LED Signs

Our red/amber LED signs are a versatile and economical communication method.

Tri-Color LED Signs

We offer feature rich, affordable tri-color LED signs for outdoor use. Three colors, in one display!

Full Color LED Signs

Make a bigger impact with an LED display with full color capabilities.

Indoor LED Signs

Our selection of indoor LED signs is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applicaions, from industry and andon systems to school signs and more. Our LED sign offerings for indoor use include:

Factory LED Display

Tri-Color Displays

Grab attention with our tri-color LED signs and use in countless ways indoors.

Window Displays

Ideal for indoor use, our LED window displays function best with some exposure to sunlight.

Industrial Grade LED Displays

Improve efficiency & communication in the workplace with an industrial LED sign.

Andon Systems

Integrate seemlessly with data collection systems using our LED Andon systems.

LED Clocks, Counters & Timers

Quickly and easily provide useful information with LED clocks, counters and timers.


Additional Visual Solutions Products

In addition to our LED sign offerings, Electro-Matic Visual Solutions also provides a number of other producs. Our additional visual solutions products are outlined below.

LCD Displays

This electronic communicator is a high-tech highlight in malls, airports, car showrooms – anywhere the public appreciates fast and convenient information and promotional material. 

LED Lighting

Electro-Matic Products LED lighting product line features reduced maintenance, low energy consumption, and are utilized in the replacement of traditional incandescent, fluorescent, sodium vapor, and mercury vapor lighting.  Our modular design of LED lighting enable us to provide scalable lighting solutions tha can be shipped in two weeks or less. Pur LED Lighting product line consists of:  Outdoor LED parking garage lights and LED parking lot lights, LED canopy lighting, LED Building and Wall Pack lighting, LED Roadway and Street lighting, and indoor High Bay Industrial lighting.