Introducing: Fusion Pro - High Resolution LED Signs

The Fusion Pro® is a cutting edge, high resolution indoor LED display that has many digital media advertising applications. This next generation LED display has dynamic capabilities to fit an interior application. Live production feed, seamless imaging, and curved wall options make the Fusion Pro® the ultimate high definition LED display.

Superior Resolution and Capabilities

The Fusion Pro® LED high resolution display integrates affordable high-resolution LED displays with advanced image gap-covering technology which ensures no dark and bright lines between modules. Installation is made simple by the display's modular design and offers both front and back maintenance options. The Fusion Pro® series also features best-in-class brightness helping to separate it from the competition. Viewers are sure to experience the highest clarity for any application.

The Fusion Pro® LED kiosk provides an incredible picture and video for any tradeshow or convention, sports arena, concert hall, or marquee retail space.