LED Lighting for Parking Lots and Streets

Electro-Matic Visual's LED parking lot light and LED street lights all incorporate our unique modular design making our fixtures extremely versatile lighting solutions. With fixture options ranging from 30 watts to 300 watts, our LED parking lot and LED street lights are suitable for any application. These LED lighting fixtures are dark sky friendly, DOT approved, reduce light pollution, and feature optimized light distribution optics that comply with all applications. 

The die cast, powder coated frame provides superior protection against fade, oxidation, and wear. Each luminaire carries an IP66 rating and is protected against the ingress of water and dirt, eliminating degradation due to exterior elements. With temperature ratings of -40C through 55C our luminaries are built to last in the harshest outdoor environment.

Converting existing parking lot and street lights to LED can be accomplished with ease. Various mounting options are available providing ease of installation. Most mounting options allow fixtures to be adjusted once installed. LED Parking lot and LED area lights can be tilted at various angles maximizing the ability to direct light only to where it is needed.


  • 30 to 210-watt availability
  • Adjustable tilt mounting
  • Meets 3G vibration per C136.31-2001
  • IP66-rated electrical chamber
  • 5000, 4000, or 3000 CCT available 


  • 30 to 300-watt availability
  • Four available light distribution types
  • 90 degree adjustable slip fit mount
  • Tool-less entry for easy access to IP66-rated electrical chamber
  • 5000, 4000, or 3000 CCT available


  • Can replace up to 1000-watt HID fixtures
  • Multiple available light distribution types
  • Bottom service door
  • Lighting controls compatible
  • 5000, 4000, or 3000 CCT available