On-Premise Outdoor LED Electronic Digital Signage for your Bank or Credit Union

Bank LED Sign

Deliver your message instantly to thousands of passing, prospective customers with an Outdoor LED Sign! 

People want to do business within their community: Shop. Dine out. Buy. Bank. Doing business locally is not only a way for people to voice their support for local merchants but also delivers a "hometown" feel of confidence and comfort. If your current signage only states your name to say “you found me”, you are missing out on an extraordinary opportunity not only to build a relationship with customers who would prefer to do business with you, but also to let them know why they should do business with you. Why not strengthen your bond with your market while delivering powerful reasons for them to park their car and come inside? Why not instantly display compelling marketing messages to the audience already in front of your business, who are ready to do business with you right now? You can do all of this with a financial institution LED sign!

“…no other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness, dollar for dollar, of an electronic message display”  (United States Small Business Administration).   

Unique Advertising

Electro-Matic Visual Solutions' outdoor LED signs instantly put the text, graphic and/or video you create on your PC in front of your audience. You can choose LED's in red, amber or vivid full-color to achieve the dynamic effects you're looking for. WIth an LED Display, your advertising message options are endless:

  • Loan Sale
  • Great Rate on Boat Loans
  • Free Checking
  • Innovative Student Loans
  • Open House Tomorrow
  • Open an IRA Today
  • Coffee and Donuts Inside
  • 1 Day Special Promotional Rate on CD's
  • We do Business Banking Best!
  • Lowest 30-year Fixed Mortgage Rate

Communicate to Your Local Community

Strengthen your bond with the local community surrounding your bank or credit union while advertising your business:
  • Drive Safely this Holiday
  • Sue Evans-Employee of the Month!
  • Congratulations Chargers! D1 Champs
  • Donate Toys Here Thursday! Free Coffee!

Changing your message on your led sign is also painless with our user-friendly software. Simply create and upload text or media to communicate dynamic messages throughout the day. For those that need a little extra help, we also offer in-house management services where we can create and schedule messages for your business. 

An Affordable Investment

At Electro-Matic, we offer leasing or financing options to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a LED sign. What is the advantage of leasing? To help you begin reaching your credit union or banking business goals with your LED sign right away! Our leasing options help you get a return on your investment, by helping you afford the right product in the first place. Wondering what it's going to cost? Calculate your return on investment. 

Why Choose Electro-Matic LED Signs?

Whether you have one branch or 100, your bank or credit union will benefit from on-site Outdoor LED Signage. At Electro-Matic, we build them to industrial grade specifications in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan. We have been "Turning Innovation Into Value" since 1969, and for the past 20 years, our Visual Products Group has been a leader in developing LED Lighting and Display applications. Our LED signs can include video, scrolling or still photos, offering you limitless options. Contact us for more information today! And don’t forget about our programmable indoor LED signs for your lobby and counters.