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Mass Notification

I had just installed a number of Electro-Matic Hyperion signs for a school system in Arizona. Especially for safety purposes, it's important that mass notification systems work consistently. I am very pleased because once they were completely installed, I haven’t had to make any follow up trips to fix issues.

Jason Gossen
Mountain State Signs

Pheasant Run Plaza

Pheasant Run Plaza, Novi, MI

CAN Council

CAN Council of Saginaw County / Saginaw, MI

Mass Notification LED Display Solutions

The safety and security of a business or school’s campus can change in a matter of seconds. With our Campus LED Notification Displays, you can respond just as quickly. LED Mass Notification Displays can provide flashing visible alerts that gain immediate attention to the masses at schools, universities, businesses, hospitals and more. These displays can also provide an audible alert to direct attention to the displayed message.

Electro-Matic offers a Hardware Message Commander (HMC) that can control an unlimited number of 4U2SEE displays via an RS485 connection with pre-programmed message alerts over a simple dry contact system. Multiple alerts or messages are triggered by the dry contact closures. Common applications for this system would include school or university emergency systems, fire alarm systems, traffic control systems, hospital emergency systems, and factory andon systems.

Reliable In Emergencies

Each self-contained visual mass notification system is fully operational regardless of internet connectivity or cellular networks. This ensures that you will be able to communicate quickly when other forms of communication may be disabled. The high-tech system and intuitive software allow you to keep people on top of security concerns, weather alerts, fire alarms, gas leaks, news, class cancelations, morale-boosting messages and more!

Custom, Targeted Messaging

Electro-Matic’s mass notification systems remove all limitations of messaging capabilities. Using our messaging features like color coding, flashing, speed variations, etc. you can create powerful, effective messages in a matter of seconds.

Message Types used in LED Mass Notification

  • Security/Terrorism Alerts
  • Security Danger
  • Weather Alerts
  • Severe Storm Warnings
  • Tornado/Hurricane
  • Current Weather & Temperature
  • Shelter Locations
  • Facility Locations
  • Fire Alarm
  • Gas Leak
  • Class Cancellations
  • News & Events
  • Morale Boosting Messages
  • City, State, & National News
  • Department Announcements
  • There are no limitations to the types of messages and possible uses around your campus.