LED Lighting for Billboards

LED Lighting Solutions for
EMP LED Lighting can provide you with an energy cost savings solution for lighting outdoor highway billboards or building mounted billboards.


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Billboard LED Lighting Solutions

Our AP Series Billboard Lighting offers a unique modular family of solid state LED lighting products that can replace your existing metal halide or high-pressure sodium traditional lighting sources with long-lasting, energy-saving LED-based billboard luminaire.  The patented modular structure of the AP LED billboard light fixture allows power serialization by changing the amount of light bars to meet your lumen requirements on an application by application basis.  This allows you to replace 1000 Watt, 400 Watt, 250 Watt, or 150 Watt existing fixtures with a common LED-based modular design that can be constructed to meet your specific needs. See how much money you can save in energy and maintenance costs by utilizing our ROI Calculator.

Electro-Matic’s AP Series solid state LED lighting products feature patented optical options that provide state-of-the-art performance and versatility for a wide variety of billboard lighting applications.  These fixtures rated at 50,000+ hours come with a five-year warranty to provide an excess of 11.4 years (based on 12 hours per day) of life without any maintenance.

  • Attractive Streamlined Modular Design
  • Weather Proof for any Climate
  • Patented Modular Structure to meet a wide variety of power requirements
  • Stay-lit Technology (one LED fails, all stay lit)
  • Excellent Uniformity with Accurate Light Distribution
  • Extremely Energy Efficient with Efficacy of 90 Lumens Per Watt
  • Smart Power Supply available to automatically adjust current to compensate for LED aging, resulting in our 50,000 Hour Light Loss Factor as 1.

Use EMP LED Billboard Lighting with Dynamic LED Billboards

EMP LED billboard lighting can be used with any types of displays, including static, single-image billboards as well as dynamic, LED billboards. LED billboards allow you to display as many as 16 ads on one structure. These full-color, electronically-programmed billboards give billboard owners a stronger value proposition to advertisers and provide an increased revenue stream. When installing your EMP LED billboard lighting, you can easily upgrade your static billboards with state-of-the-art LED technology.

LED Billboards give billboard owners:

  • Freedom to make any size billboard using the modular design
  • 30% lower installation costs
  • 80% lower installation time
  • Instant remote programming of any billboard
  • Low variable costs with no materials requirements and minimal maintenance
  • Higher visibility and recognition
  • As much as 16 times more ad revenue
  • The ability to showcase live video feed
  • 24/7 support whenever needed

EMP LED Billboard Light Construction

Whatever type of billboard you have and wherever you are located, our LED billboard lights are made to illuminate every square inch and shine brightly with minimal maintenance. Our LED billboard lights are constructed with a modular, patented die-cast frame and thermally conductive extruded aluminum alloy heat sinks with an independent electrical chamber. This innovative design allows for passive cooling and natural self-cleaning, ensuring superior heat dissipation and eliminating any issues with ice, snow, dust or moisture, resulting in longer fixture life. The AP Series LED billboard light fixture offers tool-free maintenance.   The fixture design offers a reliable snap-in type opening and closing structure for the separate driver/electronics compartment. Fast plugin/out connector design of the LED Power modules allows for quick and convenient install and maintenance with only a screwdriver required.

Billboard Light Finish

Cast components and arm are finished in powder coat paint for superior life performance regardless of the environment, 2.5-mil nominal thickness for superior protection against fade, oxidation and wear. Standard color is silver, optional colors include black and bronze.

Billboard Light Optics

The AP Series offers as standard 5 patented optic light patterns manufactured from injection molded acrylic. The EMP LED billboard lighting optics create consistent distributions with the scalability to ensure even light distribution for your billboard application.

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