Flushing School District

Flushing School District

Flushing School District is a nine building district including grades kindergarten through 12th grade.

The look of the lights is great! EM was able to unify the look of the district, save energy and increase light levels consistently. I have got nothing but positive comments and reactions for both educators and parents.


The district was struggling to pass a bond. Trane & EM combined to do an
energy project to lower the bond and help the millage pass. The customer
needed to save energy and increase the look of the district for the public.


Flushing High School had a range of old lighting in the school using lots of energy
dollars and a lot of maintenance dollars to keep the lights operational.


To the lower the energy of the lights into a cash flow positive scenario
while increasing the look of the district the public.


EM used a verity of indoor and outdoor lighting—9,800 pieces. Instead of just installing LED lamps in old fixtures as most people do regarding energy projects. We found some high efficient cost-effective fixtures to replace the old ones.


The District was able to pass a 30-million-dollar bond. The energy project
lowered the bond 13 million. The district is saving energy in a cash flow
positive day 1 after time of install. We used the same product in all buildings to help the district uniform the look and make maintaining the lights easier.

Flushing School District

522 N McKinley Rd.
Flushing, MI 48433

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