Haworth Corporate Headquarters, located in Holland, MI is a first class example of utilizing sustainable design and achieving evolutionary results. This World Headquarters facility contains three plants and a distribution center for the manufacturer of office furniture and interior components. Their facility obtained “Gold” Led-NC Status and even granted ‘Platinum’ in some areas, which is the highest level of sustainability in a facility that can be achieved.

Electro-Matic Products helped Haworth reduce their energy usage by 33% with the installation of indoor LED lighting.


Haworth has two tunnels running between their plants. Within these tunnels, pedestrian traffic and AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) travel from one plant to another. The lights in the tunnels are kept on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and with their sustainable work environment, they were wasting energy that could be saved by looking at other lighting solutions. They also felt the lighting could be brighter and safer for their service workers.


Each tunnel had:
• (13) 70-watt metal halide fixtures
• (4) Emergency 240-watt incandescent spotlights


Haworth wanted to brighten the tunnels for the service workers, save on energy and maintenance costs, reduce their carbon footprint and become more energy-efficient, by using LED Lighting.


Electro-Matic Products replaced the existing metal halide fixtures with 7 US energy 42-watt VCT series LED High Bay lighting. An emergency transfer switch was installed, allowing the elimination of the battery-backed emergency lights.


Results of the measured light levels of the new High Bay LED Lights were almost three times more than what Haworth had previously installed, thus improving the safety concern. On top of that, the seven new High Bay LED Lights utilized almost 1/3 of the energy as the original thirteen metal halide fixtures used. Haworth received a rebate from Holland Light, Energy Supplier and the whole project resulted in a ½ year ½ year return on investment for the LED Lighting. Haworth is very pleased with the quality and efficiency of the High Bay LED Lighting from Electro Matic Products, allowing them to reduce their operating costs by using this new LED Technology within their facility. The Electro-Matic products used in this project were (7) US Energy 42 watt VCT series LED High Bay LED Lighting.


1 Haworth Center
Holland, MI 49423

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