Dow Event Center

Dow Event Center

The Dow Event Center is an entertainment venue in Saginaw, Michigan that is managed by SMG. The venue hosts a multitude of events from banquets, to sports, conferences, and concerts.

As a season ticket holder, I have never felt safer entering the arena to watch a hockey game with my kids.


The Dow Event Center is located in an area of Saginaw struggling to redevelop. The crime rate in the area is very high. The customer was getting complaints about the parking lot light level. Customers were feeling unsafe when entering an event. The property manager, SMG, wouldn’t do the light project unless they saved energy as well.


Electro-Matic came in to do a light survey in the parking lot, and the results were below the footcandle and IES standard. Their lighting was outdated, and the poles were placed very far apart.


Increase the light levels, decrease energy usage, and obtain safe entrance for customers attending events.


We had to design a lighting system using various optic control to spread the light and reach IES standards. A photometric design was created and presented to Saginaw County and Dow Event Center. Once the drawing was approved, Electro-Matic had the lights manufactured and shipped. Permits were pulled and the lights were installed.


The customer increased the footcandle levels by a third and decreased energy by 2/3. The customers had safe light to attend events. Saginaw County (owners of the building) have mitigated the liability risk of the parking lot.

Dow Event Center

303 Johnson St.
Saginaw, MI 48607

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