LED Signs for Out-of-Home Advertising

LED Signs for Out-of-Home Advertising

Reach a Larger Audience with Outdoor Advertising Signs

Appropriate signage is essential to nearly every business sector, whether you provide a product, a service, or you are somewhere in the middle. Ensuring your customers, clients, or business partners can find you when they need to can mean the difference in making a sale and losing out to your competitors. Our outdoor advertising signs are designed to get attention with modern and cost-effective displays.

Our Turnkey LED Display Solutions allow your outdoor advertising signs to:

Grab the Attention of Large Audiences

Electro-Matic’s Fusion Billboard series of LED displays offer attention grabbing color and picture fidelity. These outdoor advertising signs are impossible not to notice, and will help improve your business’s visibility.

Control Your Messaging

Your business’s messages and the quantity of people who are on the road throughout the day can have an impact on your promotions. Our feature-rich management software allows 24/7/365 scheduling and live status updates via camera feed.

Build Brand Awareness

Unlike any other type of advertising, LED outdoor advertising signs are always running your content. Drivers and pedestrians can’t “skip this ad” like they can on their phones and computers. A majority will pass by your advertisement every single day, making them extremely familiar with your brand and creating a concrete connection when they’re in need of your service at a later time.

Increase Sales

The presence of LED displays has grown substantially as companies recognize the revenue and cost-cutting benefits of moving away from traditional static displays toward digital signage. From stadiums and quick service restaurants, to universities and amusement parks, gas stations and small businesses, digital signage is becoming increasingly popular due to noteworthy return on investment.

I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and Electro-Matic’s experience, facilities, service, and support was beyond my expectations.

Jodi Lanning
President, Toledo/Detroit Outdoor Advertising

Our Recent Outdoor Advertising Display Projects

Shalom Lutheran Church / Pinckney, MI

Forest Grove Reformed Church / Hudsonville, MI

St. Mary Catholic Church and School / Pinckney, MI

St. Mark Lutheran Church / Grand Rapids, MI

St. Mary of the Hills / Rochester Hills, MI

Why Choose Electro-Matic Visual for Your Outdoor Advertising Sign?

Easy to Install and Great Support

Installing massive LED billboards can be a logistics nightmare. The Fusion Billboard® is designed with easy installation in mind. These turnkey signs are assembled on-site in multiple sections, resulting in installs that are less susceptible to windy conditions. You will feel confident in your investment with our 24/7 service and support team available to assist you with a phone call or online chat anytime.

Auxiliary Control System and Remote Monitoring

All Fusion Billboards® include a remote monitoring camera and the web-based software to manage it. New this year to our Fusion Billboards is a remote power monitor that features an auxiliary Electro-Matic controller and PC that is managed by a robust Siemens Power Monitor. Capabilities include the ability to remotely power cycle, monitor, switch video inputs, and receive email notifications upon any power failure.

Setting the Standards for Outdoor LED Signs

We have developed and improved upon our LED turnkey signs for years, and we are able to adapt to your needs and installation requirements.

Our integrated mounting rails allow for mounts using the top, bottom, sides or rear of the cabinet. Our signs are able to reduce overall energy consumption levels by 15%, while maintaining a brightness of 10,000 NITS. Request a quote to start the discussion and for more details on how our products meet the needs of your application.

Badge 5year Warranty

5-Year Warranty

Included with our rugged and precisely constructed LED sign products is a world-class 5-year warranty. We aim to set a high standard for LED signs with our warranty, support, and product longevity that makes us a clear industry leader.

Badge UL Rated

Ratings and Certifications

Our outdoor LED advertising signs are UL 48 and CUL 48 listed, meaning that they match the standards outlined by the Underwriters Laboratories of the United States and Canada, which ensures sound construction. Our LED signs are also FCC compliant, which means that your outdoor sign is protected from fines or penalties associated with non-compliant signs often marketed in the industry.

Find Out How Electro-Matic Can Help
With Turnkey Sign Solutions for Outdoor Advertisers

Electro-Matic Visual provides a turnkey process for configuring and installing your LED sign. From small display installations to retrofits of high-definition displays, we have done it all. We will work with you throughout the process to make sure that your LED sign purchase is made simple.

Sign specifications are most-often chosen based on the audience’s predicted viewing distance as well as the content that will be displayed (i.e.: full-color images versus text). Both factors will affect the ideal dimensions and pixel resolution for your LED sign.

Good preparation is the foundation for any successful project and signage is no exception. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for in a new LED sign, our representatives are here to discuss objectives and guide you through the turnkey process so that they are properly executed.

Solutions Installations Customer Service

A site survey is a fundamental key to a successful electronic Message Center (EMC) sign project. There are a number of municipal restrictions to be considered before the design and estimating processes begin. A survey will help to determine the size, location and type of signage to be used.

Design decisions also depend on the amount of visibility and exposure time your custom sign will receive from the viewer. Power and communication details can also be assessed to ensure easy and optimal installations without surprises.

Solutions Installations Site Survey

We’ll perform an ROI analysis on your project to calculate your payback period, and how much you will save in the short and long term. You’ll also see how much you can finance your energy project using your energy savings and rebates from your utilities. Once you decide which updates are ideal for your facility and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll obtain competitive pricing, exemplary service, and quality.

Solutions Installations Roi

Proper installation from experienced contractors is the final step in completing your energy project. Our own electricians and experienced partners will take care of installation on a schedule that works best for you. Each installer exhibits a proven history of high-quality service. With installation complete, you’ll start reducing your energy bills right away.

Solutions Installations

Once your lighting and energy upgrades are installed, we want to make sure you love your new system. If any problems should arise, or if you don’t see the energy savings you expected, we’re happy to help at any time. We’ll help you maintain your energy-efficient lighting and energy system to ensure you enjoy a sustainable, ongoing energy savings.


Case Studies for LED Outdoor Advertising Signs

IKEA / Ottowa, ON K2C S4, Canada

The Swedish retailer that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other useful goods and occasionally home services. The world’s largest furniture retailer since at least 2008.

EM Visual Technical Support

Here to Support You 24/7

Electro-Matic Visual prides itself on unparalleled dealer and customer support. We’re only a success if you are! Electro-Matic Visual offers a knowledge-base including training videos, as well as phone, chat and remote support.

LED Display Content Library

Electro-Matic Visual offers a large library of content for LED Signs because we believe that there is nothing more impactful than relevant and beautiful graphics. Contact us to learn more about our library and creative services.


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