Industrial LED Signs

Industrial LED Signs, Displays and Andon Systems

Electro-Matic Visual has industrial LED displays and andon systems that companies around the world have implemented to complement and help drive their manufacturing processes. Our industrial LED products provide the perfect answer to all your communication needs in the industrial environment.

Industrial LED Signs, Displays and Andon Systems

LED Andon Systems

With over 50 years of experience in serving manufacturing industries, Electro-Matic Visual has designed a complete line of LED Andon displays including marquees and process control boards. These displays have been designed and tested to withstand the precision and serviceability required within the industrial process. Electro-Matic Visual offers complete standalone Andon systems as a turnkey solution or as individual components on an as-needed basis.

The term “Andon” refers to a visual system used to notify management, workers and maintenance of either process or quality problems. The Andon system identifies the proper people of the nature and location of problems within a system.


Electro-Matic Visual offers a line of Industrial LCD Displays for the harshest environments. The FactoryVision LCD  has an integrated thermal management system allowing for an operating temperature range of -24°F to 124°F.  The rugged construction materials provide the ultimate defense against weather, discoloration and impact. With a fully-sealed design, this helps prevent water, dust or insects from entering the display. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness to best match the lighting conditions, and an anti-reflective, impact-resistant safety glass protects the screen against damage.


Electro-Matic Visual’s 4UPro line of LED display is a full color, durable, low cost industrial Andon display solution ideal for production counts and data display. This full color, high resolution LED display has a light weight cabinet design, is available in 5 different ‘in stock’ sizes, with other sizes built to order.  The 4UPro is easily installed, and is field serviceable, from the front and offers a workable lifespan of over 100,000 hours.

Clocks and Counters

The Factory Vision® line of industrial clocks and counters provide the perfect answer to many communication needs in the workplace. LED industrial clocks and counters can be used in a broad range of scenarios. They provide a real time standard or measure, for any factory, automation plant, or production facility. These industrial clocks and counters allow for accurate count ups or downs on cycles, units, packages, time, days, and more.

Communicate right to your employees, diagnose bottlenecks in your production  time, and reduce down time, all from a desktop PLC or from the devices controlling the plant floor machines in “real time”. The Industrial clocks and counters from Electro-Matic Visual are easy to install and use. They are a great way to maximize productivity with an affordable price tag. More specifically, they allow for quick efficient data flow from the information source to your employee, creating an impressive ROI.

Let’s Work Together

Our team of engineering professionals are ready to make your industrial andon system a reality. Whether it’s adding or upgrading an industrial LED display, creating a custom andon system with IIoT integration, or cable pull switches Electro-Matic has the know-how and experience to make it happen.

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