Outdoor LED Signs

Build Awareness with Outdoor LED Signs 

Electro-Matic Visual’s line of Outdoor LED Signs has you covered with three distinctly different pixel pitch offerings, the turnkey option of integrating a sign cabinet with your display, and the tried-and-true single-color option for text-based messaging.

Century Suites outdoor LED sign
sample full color outdoor led sign

Our modular Full Color Fusion™ Series LED signs come in three standard pixel pitches: 6mm, 11mm, and 16mm.

sample customizable outdoor led sign

Our FusionPLUS™ Series combines the choice of a full or single color LED sign with a customizable sign ID cabinet!

sample single color outdoor led sign

Our modular Single Color Fusion™ Series LED signs with a 16mm pixel pitch and a choice of red or amber LEDs.

Setting the Standards for Outdoor LED Signs

Electro-Matic Visual takes pride in the products we offer our customers. Because of that commitment, we’re driven to be a standard-setter in the industry with an unparalleled parts and labor warranty, on-call support, and a manufactured durability that makes sure your outdoor LED signs outlast the competition.

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Learn How to Cut Costs and Increase Business Profits by Investing in LED

Don’t miss Electro-Matic Visual’s exclusive How to Cut Costs & Increase Business Profitability with LED Technology whitepaper for actionable insights into how your business can dramatically increase profits!

1. Seamless Front Venting

Cabinet temperature regulated by drawing cool air in at the bottom and pushing out warmer air along the top

2. Modular Tiles

Advanced LED tile design allows for upgrading 16mm to 11mm, allowing for even more versatility

3. Lightweight Aluminum Cabinet

Powder-coated, UV-protected aluminum extrusion cabinet offers up to a 30% reduction in weight

4. Optimized Power Consumption

Refined LED technology reduces overall energy consumption by 15%

5. Universal Mounting System

Integrated mounting rails allow for easy display mounting from top, bottom, sides, or rear on cabinet

6. Integrated Photocell

Display brightness regulated by photocell that adjusts according to the level of ambient light

7. Thinner, 5-inch Deep Profile

Efficient interior component placement means a thinner, lighter, and more compact profile

8. UL Listed & FCC Compliant

Electro-Matic outdoor LED signs are UL 48 and CUL 48 listed and FCC compliant

Fusion Series Feature Overlay
Enduser Woman On Phone

Secure Cellular Access. Anywhere.

All of our Outdoor LED displays include a cellular modem with a lifetime Verizon wireless contract that provides a secure 4G LTE connection that guarantees accessibility to your sign no matter where you are. Enterprise features include advanced routing, security, logging and redundancy.


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24 hour support

Here to Support You 24/7

Electro-Matic Visual prides itself on unparalleled dealer and customer support. We’re only a success if you are! Because of that commitment Electro-Matic Visual offers the following support services:

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