LED Signs for Schools and Universities

LED Display Solutions for
Schools and Universities
Increased lighting levels create a more secure environment and help to showcase our school at night.

Joel  Keup
Principal, Peace Lutheran Ministries

Allen Park Public Schools

Allen Park Public Schools / Allen Park, MI

Arno Elementary School

Arno Elementary School / Allen Park, MI

Bennie Elementary School

Bennie Elementary School / Allen Park, MI

St. Mary Of The Hills Holy Family Regional School

St Mary of the Hills / Rochester Hills, MI

Walled Lake Western High School

Walled Lake Western High School / Walled Lake, MI

School and University LED Display Solutions

Whether it be a giant LED scoreboard for their sports teams or LED panel lights in their classrooms—the superior performance, better results, and cost savings schools and universities are seeing after applying LED technology is undeniable. Electro-Matic Visual Solutions has been helping universities and schools around the country discover the power of LED signs for over 20 years. We have designed our LED school signs to be energy efficient, easy to program, and low maintenance—keeping your costs down and your impact high.


Electro-Matic Visual’s dynamic LED displays do more than just relay a message—they build camaraderie around the school. Athletic events and community announcements will be well-known and continually up to date. Our LED displays will greatly assist in the increase of the school’s participation, enrollment, and fundraising.

Cost Effective

Conscious of the tight budgets that are often in place at schools and universities, we wanted to go a step further to make our signs more affordable. Electro-Matic offers a special educational leasing program where the cost of upgrading can be spread over two to five years.

Wide Spread Communication & Safety

Our LED displays can also be integrated into a mass notification system that can relay weather and student safety alerts across campuses and school districts. The design of LED lighting promotes a safe, energy efficient, and productive environment in schools and universities while providing significant energy savings.

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