High Bay LED Lights

High Bay LED Lighting

When it comes to high bay lighting we know how important it is to maximize energy efficiency and minimize maintenance costs. Our LED high bay lighting solutions are designed to meet your demands and provide you with exceptional illumination while reducing maintenance bills and maintaining efficiency within your facility.

Learn how we can help with your LED lighting project:

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New High Bay LED Lights

Electro-Matic provides turnkey LED lighting system design and installation from start to finish. This ensures that the layout or requirements of your project are always on-point. From the energy audit through project management to installation, you will be in contact with an experienced engineer to answer questions and keep you updated. We will plan your project using your budget, design requirements, building layout, safety needs and more, and use our experience to save you money and improve lighting performance.

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Retrofit High Bay Lighting

It is our goal at Electro-Matic to light the way toward a brighter energy future for all of our clients. We make it easy to transition to solid state LED lighting products from your existing metal halide, fluorescent or high pressure sodium traditional lighting sources.  We will install the ideal LED high bay lighting solution for your facility, including the optimal arrangement to maximize lumens as well as energy efficiency. With a retrofit LED lighting project you can realize substantial energy savings with a relatively small up front investment.

Replacing Metal Halide Lights with LED High Bay Lighting Reduced Energy Consumption by 72% for Manufacturing Business

High Bay LED Lighting for a Wide Range of Applications

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High Bay

Manufacturing Facility

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Recreation Center

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Retail Store

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New High Bay Lighting

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Ready to upgrade your High Bay lights?

Electro-Matic not only offers durable, long-lasting high bay LED lighting but our experts also create the best new or retrofit design possible for your facility. Whatever layout, environment, energy requirements, or industry you are working with, our lighting experts can design and implement an optimal system. Start a conversation to learn more about our process and high-efficiency LED wall pack lighting installations.

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