LED Lighting for Auto Service, Repair, and Dealerships

LED Lighting Solutions for
Auto Service, Repair, and Dealerships
Our LED lighting has helped us sell more cars and prevent vandalism while our electrical bill has been halved.

Sam D’Angelo
General Manager, Pfeiffer Used Cars

Pfeiffer Used Car Lot

Pfeiffer Used Car Lot
Grand Rapids, MI

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Milosch’s Palace
Lake Orion, MI

Shuman Jeep Dodge Ram

Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep-Ram
Walled Lake, MI

Auto Service, Repair, and Dealership LED Lighting Solutions

When it comes to selling cars, the way you present your business and showcase your products is just as important as the cars on your lot. Vivid, properly positioned lighting can mean the difference between attracting the right customers, getting them into a car, and getting cars off the lot. You wouldn’t put a car out for sale without washing and waxing it beforehand, so why would you hold back when it comes to making those cars as visible and visually appealing as possible?

At Car Dealership LED Lighting uses less than half the energy of high pressure or metal halide lighting. LED Lighting also lasts 3 to 4 times as long as traditional HID lighting, thus reducing your maintenance costs by a factor of 3 to 4 times.

Dealership Lighting Products

It is much more likely to attract potential new customers when your business has adequate lighting. Their eyes are guaranteed to be more mesmerized by the colors in your vehicle inventory when it’s bathed in bright LED parking lot lights as opposed to gross, old, orange-tinged parking lot lights.

Our LED lighting solutions for auto dealers are designed to save you money and make you money. An investment in LED lighting for your car dealership is an investment in your facility and your energy usage. While we provide LED parking lot lighting options, the energy savings don’t stop on the outside. Electro-Matic Visual’s inside LED Lighting products include modular high bay LED lighting, flat panel LED lights, as well as wall pack lighting for your buildings, canopy lighting for garages, and more for a fraction of the energy cost of traditional lighting that promises a quick ROI.

Lighting Optimization Services

In addition to providing industry-leading LED lighting products, we also strive to help auto dealers get the most out of their lighting investment. This means researching your business and your facility in order to identify your needs and come up with an ideal lighting solution.

All too often, parking lots are over-lit, resulting in unnecessary lighting expenses, or poorly lit, causing some areas to be over-lit while others don’t have sufficient lighting. We are able to troubleshoot your current lighting problems and provide you with a solution for uniform lighting distribution throughout your car dealership.


Schuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Walled Lake, MI

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