LED Lighting for Parking Lots and Parking Structures

LED Lighting Solutions for
Parking Lots and Parking Structures
Electro-Matic did a fantastic job. They helped us pick out the right optic, and even painted the fixture a specific color.

Tito Garza
Chicago Parks

Beaver Valley Mall

Beaver Valley Mall
Beaver Valley, PA

Chambersburg Mall

Chambersburg Mall
Chambersburg, PA

Citadel Mall

Citadel Mall
Colorado Springs, CO

Nittany Mall

Nittany Mall
State College, PA

Wilson Town Center

Wilson Town Center
City, ST

Parking Lot and Structure LED Lighting Solutions

LED Parking Lot Light Features

We provide LED parking lot lights that lead the industry in energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Our solutions feature an average luminaire efficacy of 90 lumens per watt and smart power supply for automatically adjusting current as your LEDs age. Best-in-class components and patented modular design allow for power variation options and stay-lit technologies keeping your lights on even if one LED should fail.

Our LED parking lot lighting offerings are the most innovative and feature-filled products on the market. Learn more about our product offerings below or download our LED parking lot lighting brochure for more information.

Why LED Parking Garage Lighting?

At Electro-Matic LED Lighting, we are working to pave the way toward a brighter energy future in this country. Our patented modular design makes installation simple and limits maintenance-related hassles. When you work with Electro-Matic for your LED parking garage needs, the benefits don’t stop with visibility.

LED Parking Garage Lighting Features

We provide modular LED parking garage lighting as a part of our AR series of industrial LED lighting solutions. Our LED parking garage lights offer unmatched performance. They are highly versatile and rated to meet or exceed 100,000 hours. Complete with a 5-year warranty, our LED parking garage lights are expected to surpass 11.4 years of use without the need for maintenance (based on 12 hours per day).

The AR series of modular parking garage lighting is offered in wall mount, ceiling mount and recessed mount styles, each designed to make replacing traditional parking garage or low-bay lighting fixtures simple. All components are finished with 2.5 mil of powder coat paint. This allows for superior protection against wear, oxidation, and fading.


DOW Event Center

Saginaw, MI

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