LED Panel Light

LED Troffer (Panel) Lights

LED troffer lighting, also known as panel lighting, provides exceptional energy efficiency without sacrificing lighting quality or ambiance. With two different sizes, and a variety of light colors and dimming effects, it’s easy to organize the troffer LED lighting you need.

Learn how we can help with your LED Troffer lighting:

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New LED Troffer Lights

Businesses, schools, and other establishments often begin to investigate LED lighting as a way to save on energy costs, but they find out along the way that they are also improving the lighting in their workspace. When you invest in indoor LED lighting, you’ll benefit from clearer, more uniform lighting, and you’ll pay lower energy costs. By installing LED panel lights from the start, you’ll have the best lighting arrangement for the area.

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Retrofit LED Troffer Lighting

Troffer lights often use fluorescent bulbs, which require significantly more energy and maintenance than LEDs. Troffer lights can easily be refitted to use affordable, energy-efficient LED bulbs. By leveraging your energy savings, you can even finance this retrofit with no investment up front. We can help you redesign and refit your troffer lights with energy-saving LED troffer lighting to give you more attractive and uniform lighting throughout the space.

LED Troffer Lighting Lowered Energy Costs and Improved the Work Environment for a Business Headquarters

Stunning LED Parking Lot Lights for Every Application

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Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

Panel LED Lighting


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Troffer lighting in library


Fuzzy's Panel LED Lighting

Specialty Retailers

Troffer lighting inside of a store

Big Box Stores

Men's clothing store in mall with LED lighting


Ready to upgrade your LED troffer lights?

LED troffer lights can be easily installed or retrofitted to suit your business. We carefully select LED troffer lighting solutions to provide the clearest, most uniform coverage across the space, with the lowest energy consumption. Start a conversation to learn more about our process and high-efficiency LED troffer lights.

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