LED Signs for Banks and Credit Unions

LED Display Solutions for
Banks and Credit Unions
Our LED display really captures the attention of people driving by. The more interest the sign garners, the more we can create new customers and cross-sell to existing ones.

Jane Edson
Amalgamated Credit Union

Deere Employees Credit Union

Deere Credit Union/ Moline, IL

Genisys Credit Union

Genisys Credit Union / Auburn Hills, MI

Motor City Co-Op Credit Union

Motor City Co-Op Credit Union / Warren, MI

Lake Huron Credit Union

Lake Huron Credit Union / Saginaw, MI

Towne Mortgage Company

Towne Mortgage Company / Troy, MI

Bank and Credit Union LED Display Solutions

Having an effective appeal is crucial for a bank or a credit unions success and contribute to the growth of the services that they offer. Quality LED signage makes for a great first impression that you want your potential customers to experience.

Your LED sign will grant you the freedom to uniquely connect with your potential customers. Our dependable LED display options for banks and credit unions are designed to offer increased visibility, and virtually no maintenance all while providing an unmatched aesthetic appeal to your business.

Connect Locally

People want to do business within their community. Doing business locally is not only a way for people to voice their support for local merchants, but also deliver a “hometown” feel of confidence and comfort.

If your current signage only states your name, you are missing out on an extraordinary opportunity not only to build potential relationships with customers but also in letting them know why they should do business with you in the first place.

Unique Advertising

Communicating with passing traffic through LED signage is the most efficient and cost-effective way to meet business and revenue goals.

Electro-Matic Visual Solutions’ outdoor LED signs instantly put the text, graphic, and/or video you create on your PC directly in front of your audience. You can choose LED’s in red, amber, or vivid full-color to achieve the dynamic effects you’re looking for. With an LED Display, your advertising message options are endless.

Easy to Use

Changing your message on your led sign is also painless with our user-friendly software. Simply create and upload text or media to communicate dynamic messages throughout the day. For those that need a little extra help, we also offer in-house management services where we can create and schedule messages for your business.

An Affordable Investment

At Electro-Matic, we offer leasing or financing options to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an LED sign. What is the advantage of leasing? To help you begin reaching your credit union or banking business goals with your LED sign right away! Our leasing options help you get a return on your investment, by helping you afford the right product in the first place.

Why not strengthen your bond with your market while delivering powerful reasons for them to park their car and come inside? Why not instantly display compelling marketing messages to the audience already in front of your business?

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