LED Signs for Banks and Credit Unions

LED Signs for Banks and Credit Unions

Build Customer Trust with a Personalized LED Bank Sign.

Having an effective appeal is crucial for a bank or a credit union success and contribute to the growth of the services that they offer. Quality LED signage makes for a great first impression for your potential customers.

Your LED bank sign will grant you the freedom to uniquely connect with your potential customers. Our dependable LED sign options for banks and credit unions are designed to offer increased visibility, and virtually no maintenance all while providing an unmatched aesthetic appeal to your business.

Our Turnkey LED Display Solutions allow your bank or credit union to:

Gain Local Awareness

People want to support businesses within their community. If your current sign displays only your name, you are missing out on an extraordinary opportunity not only to build potential relationships with customers but also in letting them know why they should do business with you in the first place.

Advertise Unique Offers and Messages

Electro-Matic Visual Solutions’ outdoor LED signs instantly put the text, graphic, and/or video you create on your PC directly in front of your audience. You can choose LED’s in red, amber, or vivid full-color to achieve the dynamic effects you’re looking for. With an LED Display, your advertising message options are endless.

Build Community Trust

When it comes to banks and credit unions, customers want to do business with a company that they trust. Doing business locally is not only a way for people to voice their support for local merchants, but also deliver a “hometown” feel of confidence and comfort.

Update Content Easily

Changing your message on your led sign is also painless with our user-friendly software. Simply create and upload text or media to communicate dynamic messages throughout the day. Why not strengthen your bond with your market while delivering powerful reasons for them to park their car and come inside? Why not instantly display compelling marketing messages to the audience already in front of your business?

Our LED display really captures the attention of people driving by. The more interest the sign garners, the more we can create new customers and cross-sell to existing ones.

Jane Edson
Amalgamated Credit Union

Our Recent Sign Projects for Banks and Credit Unions

Deere Credit Union / Moline, IL

Genisys Credit Union / Auburn Hills, MI

Motor City Co-Op Credit Union / Warren, MI

Lake Huron Credit Union / Saginaw, MI

Towne Mortgage Company / Troy, MI

Why Choose an LED Bank Sign from Electro-Matic Visual?

Affordable & Energy Efficient

Communicating with passing traffic through LED signage is the most efficient and cost-effective way to meet business and revenue goals. At Electro-Matic, we offer leasing or financing options to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an LED sign. What is the advantage of leasing? To help you begin reaching your credit union or banking business goals with your LED sign right away! Our leasing options help you get a return on your investment, by helping you afford the right product in the first place.

Unmatched Customer Service

The experts of Electro-Matic Visual don’t just stop our services when a project is finished. Not only do we offer 24/7 training videos, dealer tools, but phone, chat, and remote support as well. For those that need a little extra help, we offer in-house management services where we can create and schedule messages for your business.

Our LED Display Technology

Having developed and improved upon our LED Sign designs for years, we are able to adapt to the needs and installation requirements for your specific bank or credit union.

Our integrated mounting rails allow for top, bottom, sides, or rear of the cabinet mount usage. They are able to reduce overall energy consumption levels by 15%, while maintaining a brightness of 10,000 NITS. For more details on how our products meet the needs of your application, request a quote to start the discussion.

Badge 5year Warranty

5 Year Warranty

As an industry leader, we aim to set a high standard for LED Signs with our warranty, support, and product longevity. Our LED Sign products are built with rugged and precise construction, which allows us to include a world-class 5-year warranty on our products.

Badge UL Rated

Properly-Rated and Certified Signage

Our Outdoor LED Bank signs are UL 48 and CUL 48 listed. This means we match the standards outlined by the Underwriters Laboratories of the United States and Canada, ensuring reliable construction. Our LED signs are also FCC compliant, which means that your bank is protected from fines or penalties associated with non-compliant signs often marketed in the industry.

Find Out How Electro-Matic Can Help
Your Bank with Turnkey Sign Solutions

Electro-Matic Visual provides a unique turnkey process for configuring and installing your LED sign. We have done it all from small display installations to retrofits of high-definition displays. We will work with you throughout the process to make sure that your LED bank sign purchase is made simple.

Sign specifications are most-often chosen based on the audience’s predicted viewing distance as well as the content that will be displayed (i.e.: full-color images versus text). Both factors will affect the ideal dimensions and pixel resolution for your LED sign.

Good preparation is the foundation for any successful project and signage is no exception. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for in a new LED sign, our representatives are here to discuss objectives and guide you through the turnkey process so that they are properly executed.

Solutions Installations Customer Service

A site survey is a fundamental key to a successful electronic Message Center (EMC) sign project. There are a number of municipal restrictions to be considered before the design and estimating processes begin. A survey will help to determine the size, location and type of signage to be used.

Design decisions also depend on the amount of visibility and exposure time your custom sign will receive from the viewer. Power and communication details can also be assessed to ensure easy and optimal installations without surprises.

Solutions Installations Site Survey

We’ll perform an ROI analysis on your project to calculate your payback period, and how much you will save in the short and long term. You’ll also see how much you can finance your energy project using your energy savings and rebates from your utilities. Once you decide which updates are ideal for your facility and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll obtain competitive pricing, exemplary service, and quality.

Solutions Installations Roi

Proper installation from experienced contractors is the final step in completing your energy project. Our own electricians and experienced partners will take care of installation on a schedule that works best for you. Each installer exhibits a proven history of high-quality service. With installation complete, you’ll start reducing your energy bills right away.

Solutions Installations

Once your lighting and energy upgrades are installed, we want to make sure you love your new system. If any problems should arise, or if you don’t see the energy savings you expected, we’re happy to help at any time. We’ll help you maintain your energy-efficient lighting and energy system to ensure you enjoy a sustainable, ongoing energy savings.


Our LED Bank Sign Case Studies


A community-based credit union, with a focus on helping members and businesses through flexible checking & savings accounts, a variety of loan types, and other financial needs.

EM Visual Technical Support

Here to Support You 24/7

Electro-Matic Visual prides itself on unparalleled dealer and customer support. We’re only a success if you are! Electro-Matic Visual offers a knowledge-base including training videos, as well as phone, chat and remote support.

LED Display Content Library

Electro-Matic Visual offers a large library of content for LED Signs because we believe that there is nothing more impactful than relevant and beautiful graphics. Contact us to learn more about our library and creative services.


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