LED Signs for Professional Services

LED Signs for Professional Services

Improve Visibility With Outdoor LED Signs for Businesses

Whether you own an insurance agency, law office, architectural firm, or another business, good curb appeal is vital to the success of the business. LED business signs get the attention of walk-in traffic, and create a welcoming storefront for your customers. It’s important to remember that everyone that passes your business is a potential customer, and it can be more difficult to market a service or expertise as opposed to a tangible product. TOutdoor LED signs for business will help you do it.

Turnkey LED Display Solutions allow your business to:

Increase Walk-in Traffic

LAccording to the Small Business Association, LED business signs can increase your business anywhere from 15-150%. Incorporating this advertising technology into your marketing plan is on par with adding a small billboard to your storefront. Versatility and dynamism in your messaging is a sure way to show off your expertise and drive foot traffic all year long.

Drive Sales Revenue

The presence of LED business signs has grown substantially as companies recognize the revenue and cost-cutting benefits of moving away from traditional static displays toward digital signage. Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular due to noteworthy return on investment.

Flexible Messaging

Each of our turnkey outdoor LED signs for business operates on simple, intuitive software, allowing you to customize and update your own messages electronically. Our software programs make it easy to create and edit messages, set play mode, change color and viewing speed, view messages before sending and schedule messages to go out in advance. You can also customize different messages to go out at certain times of the day to communicate with specific crowds and increase your overall impact.

Advertise Cost-Effectively

Indoor and outdoor LED signs for professional services are one of the most cost-effective advertising media for stores today. In comparison to traditional media, a new LED sign only costs about $0.15 per 1000 exposures compared to $5.00-7.00 per 1000 exposures. Our signs eliminate production costs and wasteful advertising spending to reach your target audience directly. The 100,000 hour LED bulbs offer the reliability of a consistent stream of advertising for your company and overall low maintenance costs.

Weathervane Heating & Cooling had no sign and are 100 feet above the road level. They needed a unique way to communicate with vehicles driving by. Electro-Matic Visual’s message boards got the job done.

Joe Agius
Sign Designer/Sales & Content Creator, Image 360

Our Recent LED Business Sign Projects

Weathervane Heating and Cooling Company Name / Howell, MI

Sterling Insurance Group / Sterling Heights, MI

Lakeside Service Company / Brighton, MI

The Farmington Players / Farmington Hills, MI

Air Conditioning Engineers / Shelby Twp. MI

Why Choose an LED Business Sign from Electro-Matic Visual?

Custom Branding

LED signs are one of the most powerful ways you can communicate who you are as a business. Our professional service signs are crafted to allow you to easily customize and update messages to brand your company within minutes without any additional costs. Each sign is run in-store on software that gives you the ability to display logos, graphics, text and much more. Tailor messages to promote in-store specials, upcoming events, new employees and company partners and sponsors. We also offer a custom sign design service to help you create attractive ads for your sign.

Connect Locally

People want to do business within their community. Doing business locally is not only a way for people to voice their support for local merchants, but also deliver a “hometown” feel of confidence and comfort. If your current signage only states your name, you are missing out on an extraordinary opportunity not only to build potential relationships with customers but also in letting them know why they should do business with you in the first place.

Our LED Display Technology

For years, we have been developing and improving upon our LED business sign designs, so that we are able to adapt to your professional service’s needs and installation requirements.

Our integrated mounting rails allow for mounts using the top, bottom, sides or rear of the cabinet. While maintaining a brightness of 10,000 NITS, our signs are able to reduce overall energy consumption levels by 15%. For more details on how our products meet the needs of your application, request a quote to start the discussion.

Badge 5year Warranty

5-Year Warranty

Our LED Sign products are built with rugged and precise construction, which allows us to include a world-class 5-year warranty on our products. We aim to set a high standard for LED Signs with our warranty, support, and product longevity that makes us a clear industry leader

Badge UL Rated

Ratings and Certifications

Our turnkey outdoor LED business signs are UL 48 and CUL 48 listed, meaning that they match the standards outlined by the Underwriters Laboratories of the United States and Canada, ensuring top-notch construction. Our LED signs are also FCC compliant, which means that your business is protected from fines or penalties associated with non-compliant signs often marketed in the industry.

Find Out How Electro-Matic Can Help
With Outdoor LED Sign Solutions for Businesses

Electro-Matic Visual provides a turnkey process for configuring and installing the LED sign for your business. We have done just about everything, all the way from small display installations to retrofits of high-definition displays. We will always work with you throughout the process to make sure that your LED sign purchase is made simple.

Sign specifications are most-often chosen based on the audience’s predicted viewing distance as well as the content that will be displayed (i.e.: full-color images versus text). Both factors will affect the ideal dimensions and pixel resolution for your LED sign.

Good preparation is the foundation for any successful project and signage is no exception. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for in a new LED sign, our representatives are here to discuss objectives and guide you through the turnkey process so that they are properly executed.

Solutions Installations Customer Service

A site survey is a fundamental key to a successful electronic Message Center (EMC) sign project. There are a number of municipal restrictions to be considered before the design and estimating processes begin. A survey will help to determine the size, location and type of signage to be used.

Design decisions also depend on the amount of visibility and exposure time your custom sign will receive from the viewer. Power and communication details can also be assessed to ensure easy and optimal installations without surprises.

Solutions Installations Site Survey

We’ll perform an ROI analysis on your project to calculate your payback period, and how much you will save in the short and long term. You’ll also see how much you can finance your energy project using your energy savings and rebates from your utilities. Once you decide which updates are ideal for your facility and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll obtain competitive pricing, exemplary service, and quality.

Solutions Installations Roi

Proper installation from experienced contractors is the final step in completing your energy project. Our own electricians and experienced partners will take care of installation on a schedule that works best for you. Each installer exhibits a proven history of high-quality service. With installation complete, you’ll start reducing your energy bills right away.

Solutions Installations

Once your lighting and energy upgrades are installed, we want to make sure you love your new system. If any problems should arise, or if you don’t see the energy savings you expected, we’re happy to help at any time. We’ll help you maintain your energy-efficient lighting and energy system to ensure you enjoy a sustainable, ongoing energy savings.


LED Business Sign Case Studies

The Farmington Players / Farmington Hills, MI

A performance art theatre, and spacious playhouse set in a converted barn showcasing contemporary theatrical productions in Southeast Michigan.

EM Visual Technical Support

Here to Support You 24/7

Electro-Matic Visual prides itself on unparalleled dealer and customer support. We’re only a success if you are! Electro-Matic Visual offers a knowledge-base including training videos, as well as phone, chat and remote support.

LED Display Content Library

Electro-Matic Visual offers a large library of content for LED Signs because we believe that there is nothing more impactful than relevant and beautiful graphics. Contact us to learn more about our library and creative services.


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