LED Signs for Professional Services

LED Display Solutions for
Professional Services
Weathervane Heating & Cooling had no sign and are 100 feet above the road level. They needed a unique way to communicate with vehicles driving by. Electro-Matic Visual’s message boards got the job done.

Joe Agius
Sign Designer/Sales & Content Creator, Image 360

Weathervane Heating and Cooling

Weathervane Heating and Cooling Company Name / Howell, MI

Sterling Insurance Group

Sterling Insurance Group / Sterling Heights, MI

Lakeside Service

Lakeside Service Company / Brighton, MI

Farmington Players

The Farmington Players / Farmington Hills, MI

Display Solutions Air Conditioning Engineers

Air Conditioning Engineers / Shelby Twp. MI

Professional Service LED Display Solutions

Whether you own an insurance agency, law offices, architectural firms, etc. giving your business good curb appeal is an effective business move. All of these services accept walk-in traffic, so a welcoming storefront for your customers can be vital for the success of the business.

It’s important to remember that everyone that passes your business is a potential customer, and it can be more difficult to market a service or expertise as opposed to a tangible product.

Custom Branding

LED signs are one of the most powerful ways you can communicate who you are as a business. Our professional service signs are crafted to allow you to easily customize and update messages to brand your company within minutes without any additional costs. Each sign is run in-store on software that gives you the ability to display logos, graphics, text and much more. Tailor messages to promote in-store specials, upcoming events, new employees and company partners and sponsors. We also offer a custom sign design service to help you create attractive ads for your sign.

According to the Small Business Association, electronic message centers can increase your business anywhere from 15-150%. Incorporating this advertising technology to your marketing plan is on par with adding a small billboard to your storefront. Versatility and dynamism in your messaging is a sure way to show off your expertise and drive foot traffic all year long.

Ultimate Flexibility

Each of our LED retail signs are operated on simple, intuitive software allowing you to customize and update your own messages electronically. Our software programs make it easy to create and edit messages, set play mode, change color and viewing speed, view messages before sending and schedule messages to go out in advanced. You can also customize different messages to go out at certain times of the day to communicate with specific crowds and increase your overall impact.

Cost Effective Advertising

Indoor and outdoor LED signs for professional services are one of the most cost-effective advertising media for stores today. In comparison to traditional media, a new LED sign only costs about $0.15 per 1000 exposures compared to $5.00-7.00 per 1000 exposures.

Our signs eliminate production costs and wasteful advertising spending to reach your target audience directly. The 100,000 hour LED bulbs offer the reliability of a consistent stream of advertising for your company and overall low maintenance costs.

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