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Wall Pack LED Lighting

Solid state LED wall pack fixtures are designed to give businesses optimal energy efficiency and cost savings, while also providing safety, security and aesthetic appeal. As experts in the LED lighting industry, we are proud to provide businesses with affordable, environmentally-friendly warehouse and exterior building lighting.

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New LED Wall Packs

We provide full-service installations for a wide range of applications. As experts in lighting implementation, we will take the guesswork out of your lighting design, including the number of LEDs needed, the voltage and wattage required, lumens, efficacy, and more. These wall pack fixtures reduce energy costs and increase longevity with an ultra-efficient design, saving you money on your electric bill and maintenance costs. When you install long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures from the start, you will save thousands in the future.

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Wall Pack LED Retrofit

It is easy to replace your current metal halide, high pressure sodium, or mercury vapor fixtures with new LED wall packs. Not only will you typically cut your energy usage and electric bills by over 50%, but you’ll also brighten up the area surrounding the wall packs. Our wall packs produce more natural-looking white light, which provides wider, clearer coverage and better aesthetics than halide, sodium or mercury vapor lights. Expert engineers will work with you to design the optimal lighting system and help you determine energy use, energy cost savings, ROI, and more.

Adding LED wall pack lighting increased security, safety, and efficiency for a shipping and distribution center

Versatile Wall Pack LED Lighting for Every Application

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Parking Lots

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Loading Docks



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Manufacturing Plants

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Security Lighting

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Ambient Lighting

Ready to upgrade your wall pack lighting?

Electro-Matic not only offers high-quality, energy-efficient wall packs, but also provides a full array of services to create the best new or retrofit design possible. Our lighting experts will work with your budget, timeline, and building layout to give you a lighting plan that increases security and safety for workers and customers. Start a conversation to learn more about our process and high-efficiency wall pack lighting installations.

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