LED Lighting for Sports and Entertainment Venues

LED Lighting Solutions for
Sports and Entertainment Venues
As a season ticket holder, I have never felt safer entering the arena to watch a hockey game with my kids.

Saginaw Spirit Season Ticket Owner
Dow Event Center

Dow Event Center

Dow Event Center
Saginaw, MI

Dow Event Center

Dow Event Center
Saginaw, MI

Sports & Entertainment Venue LED Lighting Solutions

Electro-Matic Visual’s LED lighting has been extremely beneficial to many sports and entertainment venues; reducing their energy consumption while, at the same time, producing the perfect amount of light that’s necessary to appeal to potential customers. Upgrading the interior and exterior lighting of your venue space will improve the attendant’s experience and keep them coming back for more.

LED technology has advanced to give venue spaces the opportunity to promote a highly visible, safe, clean, and attractive environment that attendants can trust.

Security & Safety

People love to be entertained and are constantly looking for fun activities or events to attend. Fortunately for them, there are a lot of choices. Unfortunately for you, that means there’s a lot of competition. With so many options on the market, individuals have to make their choice not only based on what stands out but also by elimination.

One factor that is guaranteed to nix your business before your competition is whether or not they feel safe at your facility. A sport or entertainment venue risks the loss of many customers when it’s not well lit—regardless of how great the products and services being offered are.

Studies have found that LED lighting actually makes people feel more safe and secure because people are able to monitor their environment better. Updating to outdoor and indoor LED retail lights will help to establish your business as the place to go for regular events, parties, and outings.

Lighting Optimization Services

In addition to providing industry-leading LED lighting products, we also strive to help sports and entertainment venues get the most out of their lighting investment. This means researching your business and facility to identify your needs and come up with an ideal lighting solution.

All too often, parking lots are either over-lit, resulting in unnecessary lighting expenses, or poorly lit, causing some areas to be over-lit while others don’t have sufficient lighting. Both of which are wasteful and ineffective.

We are able to troubleshoot your current lighting problems and provide you with a solution for uniform lighting distribution throughout your car dealership.

Affordable and Energy Efficient

LED Lighting utilizes high-efficiency technology that delivers significantly more lumens-per-watt of illumination than traditional metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting. Additionally, maintenance expense is virtually non-existent over the life of the fixture—no bulbs or ballasts constantly requiring replacement.

LED lighting can achieve effective illuminance using only a fraction of the foot-candles previously required by HID technologies.

Collectively, the energy, maintenance, and foot-candle design savings delivered by an LED lighting retrofit is perhaps the best investment a business can make. Rebates/credits from energy providers only magnify the scope of the opportunity, and the environmental benefit is staggering.

Electro-Matic’s unique fixture design combines beauty and reduced wind resistance. It has industry-leading features such as open-air,tool-free entry for easy service access, and aluminum heat-sinked optics for convection cooling that leaves the fixture only warm to the touch aſter hours of operation.


Dow Event Center

Saginaw, MI

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