LED Street Lights

LED Street and Roadway Lighting

When it comes to LED street and roadway lighting, we know that energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are top priorities. That is why we use innovative technology and industry-leading solid state lighting technologies to create a LED roadway lighting that reduces energy costs and outlasts other lights.

Learn how we can help with your parking lot lighting project:

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New LED Roadway Lighting

LED lighting provides energy efficiency up to ten times greater than incandescent bulbs, and LED bulbs last substantially longer. This technology not only dramatically reduces energy costs, but it is also greener and better for the planet. If you’re wondering about the most energy-efficient and attractive lighting arrangement for your new neighborhood, subdivision, or other roadways, consider LED street and roadway lighting.

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Retrofit Street and Roadway Lighting

Solid state lighting has the potential to reduce energy consumption from lighting by up to 75 percent compared to traditional bulbs. And you don’t have to completely rearrange your street and roadway lighting fixtures to benefit from energy savings. Experts at Electro-Matic will work with your existing street and roadway lights to give your city, subdivision, highway or neighborhood a new look with low costs.

A nationwide transition to solid state lighting could reduce lighting-related energy consumption by 75%.

Stunning LED Street and Roadway Lighting

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New Lighting

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Additional Lighting

Ready to upgrade your street and roadway lighting?

Electro-Matic not only offers high-quality, energy-saving LED roadway and highway lighting, but also provides a full array of services to design and install your system more efficiently. Our lighting experts will work with your budget, timeline, and roadway layout, and give you a plan for a retrofit or new installation that meets your needs. Start a conversation to learn more about our process and innovative roadway LED lighting installations.

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