Industrial LED Displays and Andon Board Systems

Lean manufacturing and visual factory management represent the next generation of manufacturing. These systems rely on real-time information and feedback regarding the status of the plant to achieve success. Electro-Matic Visual’s FactoryVision™ product line of industrial LED displays and andon systems serves all of your visual management needs with proven systems across a diverse mix of major industries, including: automotive, aerospace, material handling, and food and beverage.

Electro-Matic Visual Industrial Andon LED Displays and Systems

Built to Work. Built to Last.

With over 50 years of experience in serving manufacturing industries, Electro-Matic Visual has designed a complete line of LED Andon displays including marquees and process control boards. These displays have been designed and tested to withstand the precision and serviceability required within the industrial process. Electro-Matic Visual offers complete standalone Andon systems as a turnkey solution or as individual components on an as-needed basis.

Trusted Around the Globe

Electro-Matic Visual’s Industrial Andon Displays and Systems are trusted by some of the most recognizable brands and organizations in the world, including:

Industrial Andon LED Display Options

FactoryVision™ LED

The standard-bearer in visual factory management, FactoryVision­™ LED displays come NEMA 12 standard in single- or double-sided configurations, several pixel pitch options, optional speakers, and the ability to interface with any new or existing plant information system or PLC.

FactoryVision™ LCD

FactoryVision™ LCD is constructed of rugged construction materials that provide the ultimate defense against weather, discoloration, and impact. A fully-sealed design prevents water, dust, or insects from entering while a light sensor automatically adjusts to optimal brightness for the conditions.


The 4UPro line is a full color, durable, low-cost industrial andon display solution ideal for production counts and data display. Features a lightweight cabinet design, is front-access field serviceable, and offers a workable lifespan of over 100,000 hours. Available in standard and custom sizes.

Clocks & Counters

LED Industrial Clocks & Counters provide simple communication answers in the workplace to provide a real-time standard or measure for any factory, automation plant, or production facility. Get accurate UP or DOWN counts on cycles, units, packages, time, days, and more.

Standalone Andon Systems

With over 50 years of experience in serving manufacturing industries, Electro-Matic Visual has extensive experience in developing completely custom standalone andon systems for virtually any industrial application. All of our custom andon systems are tested to withstand the precision, scalability, and serviceability required within the industrial process.

Electro-Matic Visual’s custom andon systems can also be integrated seamlessly into an Industry 4.0 setting. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing manufacturing by connecting assets throughout the industrial value chain provides complete operational visibility to allow for real-time decision making and improved levels of quality and efficiency as well as new service opportunities.

Cut Costs and Increase the Profitability of Your Business with LED Technology

Improving business profits is the key business driver for effective CEOs, CFOs, and small business owners in today’s highly competitive marketplace. LED technology not only provides a way to cut costs and create a more sustainable business environment, but it also has the ability to dramatically increase profits.

Mass Communication Systems

Electro-Matic Visual also offers a centralized system that can control an unlimited number of 4U2SEE LED displays via a RS485 connection with pre-programmed message alerts over a simple dry contact system. Multiple alerts or messages are triggered by the dry contact closures.

Common applications for this system would include school or university emergency systems, fire alarm systems, traffic control systems, hospital emergency systems and factory andon systems.

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