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With our new LED sign from Electro-Matic, we have seen our sales increase by 30%. At first, I was against getting an LED sign, but now that I have seen the results, I wouldn’t open another KFC restaurant without one.

Joan Bowling
Owner, KFC of Trotwood

Taco Bell

Taco Bell / Mt. Pleasant, MI

Display Solutions Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings / Lake Orion, MI


Kentucky Fried Chicken / Waterford, MI

Display Solutions Culvers

Culver’s / Oaklawn, IL

Display Solutions Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen / River Rouge, MI

Franchise LED Display Solutions

With all of the competition franchises face from other businesses on their street, it is important for them to have an appealing building that attracts customers. LED displays are a way for franchises to gain a significant advantage over their neighboring competition.

With our help, countless franchises across the country have enhanced visibility in their community—while all of them have seen an increase in traffic and sales.

Why Electro-Matic Visual?

Electro-Matic provides LED displays to numerous national brands in several major industries including automotive, professional services, and restaurants. Our user-friendly, vibrant, dependable LED signs are the reason so many national brands have chosen our company.

We also offer creative library portals to franchisees—complete with corporate-branded still images and animations as part of our corporate sign solution packages.

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