Billboard LED Lighting

Billboard LED Lighting

Billboard lighting makes your billboards more useful and impactful. With LED billboard lighting, you can take advantage of these benefits while cutting energy and maintenance costs. 

Billboard lit up on side of building
Billboard at night with LED lighting
Billboard at night over highway
LED lights on billboard at night

Learn how we can help with your billboard LED lighting:

Billboard at sunset lit with LED lighting

New LED Billboard Lighting

Whether you are constructing new static or dynamic billboards, we can help you find the most cost-effective and impactful lighting. With a variety of optic light patterns, we provide a variety of LED billboard lighting optics to create consistent light distributions for billboards of any size or type. These LEDs are designed to take on tough outdoor conditions without wearing out or losing their intensity, so your billboards are clearly visible in any weather conditions.


Retrofit Billboard Lighting

Our LED billboard lighting can easily and cost-effectively replace your existing metal halide or high-pressure sodium traditional lighting sources with long-lasting, industry-leading LED technology. With billboard LED lighting, you can attract even more attention to your billboard, save money, reduce energy costs, and reduce your impact on the planet. LED lights are as much as 10 times more efficient than traditional billboard lights, and allow you to create a sustainable solution for your business and the planet.

Full-Service LED Digital Display and Lighting Improvements

Advantages of LED Billboard Lighting

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Up to 75% Less Energy Costs

Three sided LED billboard

Less Maintenance

LED lit billboard above road at sunset

Passive Cooling

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Longer Fixture Life

Billboad at night with LED lights

Clearer Light Spectrum

Ready to upgrade to LED Billboard Lighting?

We have helped hundreds of billboard owners reduce their energy costs with LED billboard lighting, and improve visibility and income by switching to digital LED billboard displays. If you’re wondering about the ROI, installation costs, or performance improvements of LED, start a conversation to learn more about our process and our interior LED lighting designs.

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