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Why Choose an Electro-Matic Visual for your LED Lighting

Electro-Matic Visual’s LED lighting has been a major asset for many property management businesses. It reduces energy consumption while producing the perfect amount of light necessary to appeal to potential customers. Enhancing the appearance of your business will catch the eyes of customers and greatly improve their experience.

LED technology has advanced to give property management businesses the opportunity to promote a highly visible, safe, clean, and attractive environment. As a result, it will help potential customers trust you, and use your company for their needs.

Turnkey LED Lighting Solutions

Exterior LED Lighting

We know that the benefits to be reaped through upgrading to LED parking lot lights are significant. Electro-Matic’s LED lighting solutions will save you time and money on everything. For example, maintenance, energy expenses, performance, and more.

Interior LED Lighting

The lighting inside a business has outstanding results on consumer behaviors. Lighting sets the tone, mood, and overall ambiance of a business. Bad lighting in these environments can automatically make customers feel uneasy, untrusting, and lose respect for your establishment.

Learn How to Cut Costs and Increase Business Profits by Investing in LED

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LED Lighting Energy Study

Namdar Realty Group is a privately held, commercial real estate investment firm, owning and managing over 52 million square feet of commercial real estate throughout the United States. Founded in 1999, Namdar started with a single acquisition of a small retail storefront in Long Island, NY.

Energy Analytics Study

Return on Investment

Our Recent Property Management Projects

Citadel Mall
Colorado Springs, CO

Dollar Tree
Saginaw, MI

Islandia Office Park
Islandia, NY

Riverside Skatepark
Detroit, MI

One Suffolk Square
Suffolk, NY

LED Lighting Case Study

Namdar Reality Group


Namdar Realty Group has taken great pride in transforming their numerous properties including their retail malls, shopping centers, office and medical buildings, to benefit their surrounding communities, making the environment green for everyone. They have made capital improvements to save energy costs to their buildings and properties helping lessors and tenants save money while going and staying green. Namdar Realty Group has taken great initiative to improve their properties for the environment, and for the surrounding communities one step at a time, starting with their new LED Lighting.

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