Our Process

Our turnkey approach to lighting solutions means we handle all aspects of your new lighting install or retrofit. We help you choose the best financing options so you can update your energy systems with no upfront investment, and optimize your energy rebates to maximize ROI.

Our Solutions

Electro-Matic Visual is a turnkey LED Lighting solutions provider with a diverse portfolio of solutions from a wide range of projects from simple one-off applications to nationwide program rollouts. From Airports to Zoos we have a solution for you.

Our Products

We offer LED lighting products for virtually any application. From common applications like parking lot or area lighting to heavy-duty explosion-proof LED lighting products, if you’re looking to make the switch to LED we have the fixture for it.

Light Years Ahead.

We have been a leader in the LED lighting industry for more than 20 years, making a mission of creating a greener energy future for America by paving the way for the LED lighting revolution that is taking place. Let us show you how our solutions can save time and money for your organization.

Schools and Universities

Providing lighting for classrooms office spaces, common areas, gymnasiums and stadiums.

Auto Dealerships

Vibrant vehicle colors are just one byproduct of LED lighting. Massive energy savings both inside and out another!

Shopping Malls

Full-blown indoor and outdoor LED lighting project management for property managers with locations nationwide.

Industrial & Warehouses

Reduce the number of fixtures needed with LED lighting. Durable fixtures for a variety of environments.

Find Your Perfect Solution

Electro-Matic Visual’s turnkey LED Lighting solutions make new builds and retrofit lighting projects a breeze. Explore our Solutions hub for inspiration, case studies, and testimonials from our customers.

Increase Business Profitability with LED Lighting

Don’t miss Electro-Matic Visual’s exclusive How to Cut Costs & Increase Business Profitability with LED Technology whitepaper for actionable insights into how your business can reduce business operating costs with LED lighting.

Use the LED Lighting ROI Calculator

Not convinced that making the switch to LED Lighting is worth the investment? We can help with rebates and incentives, but the real savings is seeing just how energy-efficient LED lighting really is! Grab your most recent energy bill and use it to benchmark just how quickly the return on your LED investment is with our LED Lighting Calculator!

Request an LED Lighting Quote

If you’re ready to take the next step in your energy-saving journey, we’re here to help! Electro-Matic Visual’s LED Lighting specialists are here to help you optimize your lighting solution, maximize your rebates and incentives, and make sure you have a rock-solid ROI.


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