LED Video Walls

Create a stunning display anywhere in your business with an Electro-Matic indoor video wall. Video walls allow you to turn any area into a powerful, high-definition, energy-efficient display. The thin, modular design allows you to customize the display to get the perfect fit for any setting or need.

Show-Stopping Video Walls

High resolution LED Video Walls deliver superior performance, quality, brightness, worry-free maintenance, and longevity for any business or organization. The EM Visual video wall provides an incredible picture or video for meeting rooms, lobbies, conventions, entertainment venues, churches, and marquee retail spaces.

With an indoor, programmable video wall from Electro-Matic Visual, you can clearly communicate messages, showcase full-color advertisements, present informational slideshows, and more. LED video walls are two times brighter than LCD TVs, with a thin, modular, customizable design that allows you to outfit any surface with a high-definition display. You can communicate real-time information, highlight safety messages, promote events, showcase achievements, display presentations, show advertisements and more.

  • High-definition LED display
  • Full color, high brightness
  • Thin, modular design
  • Customizable sizing
  • Energy-efficient
  • Low-cost
  • Low-maintenance
  • Long-lasting

LED Video Walls for Any Space or Budget

Electro-Matic makes it easy to find the right indoor LED video wall for your needs. Our displays are easily customizable, so you can turn a small entryway, pillar, large conference hall, hallway, even a curved wall into an attention-grabbing display. Video walls are exceptionally easy to maintain, with repairs and maintenance taking only a few minutes. With low operating costs and high energy-efficiency, it’s easy to work your ideal video wall into your budget. LED walls are also easily programmable, with no technical expertise required.

Wondering what an LED video wall would look like in your space, or how it might fit into your budget? We can help! Our experts can answer your questions and tell you more about high-efficiency LED video walls.


The EM Visual high-resolution, indoor, LED video wall display is a next generation LED display that has dynamic capabilities to fit any interior application. Live production feed, seamless imaging, and curved wall options make it the ultimate high definition LED display.

The EM Visual video wall’s design and technology provides peerless image quality. The display is designed to cover gaps and eliminate dark spots or bright lines that can interfere with image quality and definition, creating a smooth, crystal-clear appearance for detailed graphics, text, and video. With best-in-class brightness and the highest level of clarity, EM Visual video walls outshine the competition. From trade shows to conventions, sports arenas, concert halls, retail spaces and more, no other indoor signage comes close to the quality and flexibility of the EM Visual video wall.

Key Benefits

  • Pixel pitch offerings as low as 0.9mm
  • Full HD capability
  • Ideal for foot traffic applications
  • Wired or wireless communication
  • Front or back maintenance options

Knox Community Hospital Honors Donors With New LED Video Wall

See how Knox Hospital upgraded displays in their new facility with a 152 x 3072 pixel, high-resolution LED video wall.

LED Video Walls vs LCD TVs

From information kiosks to welcome signs to advertisements and more, LED video walls simply out-perform LCD TVs. WIth lower operating costs, higher efficiency, more flexibility, and a clearer, brighter image, more and more business owners are replacing LCD scenes with high-definition LED video walls.

Better Image Quality

When comparing image quality between LED video walls vs LCD TVs, video walls provide numerous advantages. Video walls are more than 50% brighter than LCD TVs (800 NITS compared to 500 NITS), and most performance spaces only require their LED wall to run at 20 to 30% brightness. While the brightness of an LCD TV tends to quickly degrade, video walls maintain their brightness over a much longer lifespan. LED video walls are also bezel-free, so there are no breaks or lines disrupting image quality.

image quality

Light Output Comparison

Light output comparison

Flexible Configurations

While LCD screens are flat and stiff, video walls are designed to be flexible. This not only means they are lighter and thinner, but they can even curve around concave surfaces. There are unlimited options to customize your video wall to the size and shape you want; you’re no longer limited to particular rectangles on flat walls. The video wall is designed to blend together seamlessly, so you can customize your display freely without degrading image quality.

Configuration Options

configuration options

Unlimited Designs

unlimited designs

Low Ownership Cost, High Efficiency

One of the benefits that business owners most enjoy about EM Visual LED video walls are the low costs of ownership and high energy efficiency compared to LCD TVs. Even though video walls produce sharper, brighter images, their high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs actually reduce costs overall. Video walls require half as much power on average compared to LCD TVs, have a longer lifespan, and a faster payback period.

energy costs

Average Life Span

average life span

Annual Operating Costs

annual operating costs

Learn How to Cut Costs and Increase Business Profits by Investing in LED

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