LED Signs for Auto Dealerships and Auto Services

LED Display Solutions for
Auto Service, Repair, and Dealerships
Ever since our new LED sign has been installed we have had several people want to know where we purchased the sign... We’re proud to say we purchased from a local company, right here in Metro Detroit.

Roy Schnepper
Owner, Butler’s Collision

Monroe Dodge Superstore

Monroe Dodge Superstore / Monroe, MI


CARite / Monroe, MI

Butler's Collission

Butler’s Collission / Roseville, MI

US Auto

US Auto/ Sterling Heights, MI

Mazur's Total Automotive

Mazur’s Total Automotive/ Pickney, MI

Auto Service, Repair, and Dealership LED Display Solutions

Increasing sales numbers is paramount to a successful auto dealership or service center and Electro-Matic Visual can help with those numbers with our expertise in LED technology. LED Outdoor Digital displays are proven to drive attention to your Auto Dealership every day. Eye-catching graphics displaying monthly promotions and specials grab the attention of drive-by traffic with a vibrant, full color or single-color LED display.

Why Upgrade?

What can you do with an LED Message Center, which you cannot do with your current sign? Your easily programmable LED Message center can rotate multiple messages to customers passing by every day. Content could be a video, scrolling, or high quality still photos with messages such as:

  • Advertise Sales & Promotional Leasing Options
  • Build your brand, advertise your website
  • Advertise current ‘must sell’ inventory
  • Build Community Awareness
  • Advertise your newest inventory

An investment in an LED Display for your dealership can help sell more vehicles! Electro-Matic Products offers solutions from vibrant, modular indoor and outdoor Full Color LED Displays, to single or tri-color color outdoor displays, to an indoor LED scrolling message display.


Electro-Matic Products can help with financing or leasing your LED Display. The advantage of this? To help you begin reaching your Auto Dealer business goals with your LED display right away! Consider our leasing options that can help you gain a return on your LED display investment by helping you afford the right product in the first place.

Investing a portion of your advertising budget to an outdoor digital sign gives you so much more control over your content, and it will be so beneficial to your business in the long-run. Achieve tangible, positive results while you drive growth with the help of our LED signs.

Electro-Matic Visual