LED Lighting for Banks and Credit Unions

LED Lighting Solutions for
Banks and Credit Unions
Electro-Matic Visual LED Lighting provided a multi-million dollar net profit improvement for Fifth Third Bank.


FifthThird Bank

Fifth Third Bank
Royal Oak, MI

Bank and Credit Union LED Solutions

Having an approachable appeal is crucial for a bank or a credit union’s success, and greatly contributes to the growth of the services that they offer. Great LED lighting makes for the perfect first impression that you want your potential customers to experience.

Our dependable LED lighting solutions for banks and credit unions are designed to offer increased visibility, reduced energy bills, and virtually no maintenance all while providing unmatched aesthetic appeal to your business.

Good LED lighting also ensures better safety. Having your building, parking lot and drive-thru properly illuminated increases the security, making customers feel safe on the premises.

A Necessary Investment

LED Lighting utilizes high-efficiency technology that delivers significantly more lumens-per-watt of illumination than traditional metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting. Additionally, maintenance expense is virtually non-existent over the life of the fixture: no bulbs or ballasts constantly requiring replacement. Because of the way the human eye is engineered (scotopic vs. photopic vision), effective illuminance can be achieved with LED lighting using only a fraction of the foot-candles previously required by HID technologies.

Collectively, the energy, maintenance, and foot-candle design savings delivered by an LED lighting retrofit is perhaps the best investment a bank can make. Rebates/credits from energy providers only magnify the scope of the opportunity, and the environmental benefit (and the PR that goes with it) is staggering.

Electro-Matic’s unique fixture design combines beauty and reduced wind resistance with industry-leading features such as open-air, aluminum heat-sinked optics for convection cooling that leaves the fixture only warm to the touch aſter hours of operation, and tool-free entry for easy service access.

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