LED Light Rebate

Maximizing Energy Rebates and Incentives

for LED Lighting Projects

LED Lighting Incentives and Rebate Programs

Many energy providers across the United States offer incentives for upgrading existing lighting to energy efficient LED lighting. Often times there are programs available that provide incentives for installing LED lighting in new construction buildings as well. Taking advantage of these programs is a great way to offset the cost of your lighting project and utilizing available rebates will also provide a quicker return on your investment.

Rebate programs will vary, some offer rebates based on wattage reduction and some programs offer per fixture rebates. Often times there will even be additional rebates available if lighting controls such as photocells, occupancy/vacancy sensors, and dimmers are incorporated in the lighting design.

Websites like DSIREUSA.org are a good place to start checking the programs that are available in your area.

Electro-Matic’s sales and support team can also assist in navigating the rebate programs your energy provider offers. Fortunately, the federal and state and local governments as well as the utility industry have all come together to offer numerous opportunities for funding. The following sites list funding, rebate and incentive opportunity resources:

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