LED Light Installation

Turnkey Lighting and Energy Solutions

Our turnkey approach to lighting and energy solutions means we handle every aspect of your new LED lighting installation or retrofit. And we don’t stop there. We help you determine the best financing options so you can update your energy systems with no upfront investment, and optimize your energy rebates to maximize ROI.

The Electro-Matic Process

Our team will give you verifiable energy efficiency improvements, cost analysis, rebate optimization, complete project management and installation for your lighting and other energy systems. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, and find the best solutions for your unique situation.


Step 1: Site Review

To start your turnkey lighting and energy solutions project, one of our experienced engineers will meet with you at your facility. We provide turnkey energy and lighting solutions for a wide array of facilities, including manufacturing plants, retail spaces, multi-tenant office buildings, schools, churches, private businesses and many more. At this stage, we will get a better understanding of your current lighting arrangement, energy output, configurations, use, costs, needs, and goals.


Step 2: Energy Audit

With a site analysis complete, our experts will perform a complete energy audit, including lighting, water, and other systems as needed. We partner with local and multinational energy solutions suppliers to bring you the most energy-efficient components all together in one place. With the information in the energy audit, you can make the most informed decisions about your system updates or new LED light installations.


Step 3: ROI Analysis

We’ll perform ROI analysis on your project to calculate your payback period, and how much you will save in the short- and long-term. You’ll also see how you can finance your energy project using your energy savings and rebates from your utilities. Once you decide which updates are ideal for your facility and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll obtain competitive installation bids from experienced contractors. We select contractors based on a history of competitive pricing, exemplary service and quality.


Step 4: Rebate optimization

We’ve worked with utility companies in Michigan and throughout the nation to obtain optimal energy efficiency rebates for our customers. Our engineers work side-by-side with your local utility to perform pre- and post-installation inspections, fill out all necessary paperwork, and answer any questions. You can get the most out of your lighting upgrades and energy improvements without wading through paperwork and tech specs.


Step 5: Project Management

With turnkey project development from planning to implementation, you don’t have to interrupt your operations to make vital energy efficient improvements. Working with your timeline and budget, we’ll manage your energy project from start to finish. We’ll mediate between installers and parts manufacturers to ensure your products are delivered on-time and your LED light installation goes according to plan.


Step 6: Installation

Proper installation from experienced contractors is the final step in completing your energy project. Our own electricians and experienced partners will take care of installation on a schedule that works best for you. Each installer exhibits a proven history of high-quality service. With your LED light installation complete, you’ll start reducing your energy bills right away.


Step 7: Support

Once your lighting and energy upgrades are installed, we want to make sure you love your new system. If any problems should arise, or if you don’t see the energy savings you expected, we’re happy to help at any time. We’ll help you maintain your energy-efficient lighting and energy system to ensure you enjoy a sustainable, ongoing energy savings.

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Ready to upgrade your lighting?

Our team of LED lighting experts is here to help. We will work with you on everything from initial analysis and design to construction and installation. If you’re wondering what a high-efficiency LED lighting project would look like for your facility, contact us. We’ll tell you more about our process, and what the next steps might look like for you.

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