Site Survey Guide for LED Signs

Site Survey Guide

for LED Display Projects

Good preparation is the foundation for any successful project and signage is no exception. A site survey is a fundamental key to a successful electronic Message Center (EMC) sign project. Why?

There are a lot of restrictions that the municipality will place on your custom sign. It is best to know what those are before beginning the design and estimating process. A survey will help to determine how big the sign can be, where it can be located, and the type of signage that may be allowed. Many municipalities have their sign ordinance posted on

Once you know what is allowed, you also want to inspect the physical location to determine the best placement, size of text for optimal use, etc. All of these decisions will be predicated on the amount of visibility and exposure time your custom sign will have from the viewer.

This relates to the speed of traffic passing by and any obstructions along the travel route. You will also get a better idea of the competing distractions such as other signs, traffic flow and congestion, road conditions, etc. These factors will impact how noticeable the sign will be once you get it in place.

Power and communication details can be assessed to ensure easy and optimal installations without surprises.

A sign survey is also critical if your customers’ objective is to update or retrofit an existing sign. It is well worth the cost of an inspection to get a true scope of work and estimate of cost prior to engaging in any work. The survey can often tell you if the existing sign is worth the investment before your customer commits to spending funds.

Site surveys with photographs aid in the rendering process and help the customer see what their future sign will look like.

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