Digital LED Billboards

Reliable and feature-rich, a LED billboard from Electro-Matic Visual helps maximize out-of-home advertising revenue and optimize your ROI while providing a durable, reliable product in a variety of climates. Digital LED billboards are currently available in 11mm and 16mm pixel pitches and each include a remote PC backup system to provide constant monitored uptime.

See the Big Picture with a Digital Billboard

Electro-Matic Visual’s Fusion Billboard® is the ultimate attention-grabbing LED display. The large high definition billboard is completely customizable to fit any new application or replace an existing printed billboard.

Electronic LED billboard displays, compared to traditional billboards, have more flexibility and advantages. Digital billboard displays can be programmed to display texts, images, and animations. By upgrading a static billboard or installing a new LED billboard display, placing 12 and 16 ads on one structure can increase profitability by 12 times or more.

Easy to Install LED Billboard

LED Billboard displays offer billboard owners a number of advantages over static billboards. Digital billboards have the unique ability to display multiple images with no additional upkeep. These dynamic displays also capture the attention of drivers and pedestrians better than static content.

Installing massive Digital billboards can be a logistics nightmare. The Fusion Billboard® is designed with easy installation in mind. The Fusion Billboard® comes in a variety of available pixel pitches to optimize image fidelity depending on viewing distance and traffic speeds. Assembled on site in multiple sections, resulting in installs that are less susceptible to windy conditions. Feel comfortable with your investment and take advantage of our 24/7 service and support team to assist you with a phone call or online chat.

Auxiliary Control System and Remote Monitoring

All Fusion Billboard®s include a remote monitoring camera and the web-based software to manage it. The LED Fusion Billboard®s has a remote power monitor that features an auxiliary Electro-Matic controller and PC that is managed by a robust Siemens Power Monitor. Capabilities of the digital billboard include the ability to remotely power cycle, monitor, switch video inputs, and receive email notifications upon any power failure. The LED billboard display is unique in design, attractive in appearance, and advanced in control technology.

Digital LED Billboard Display
Digital LED Billboard 02
Digital LED Billboard 03
Digital LED Billboard 04
Digital LED Billboard 05
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