Fabiano Brothers Office Space

Fabiano Brothers Office Space

Fabiano Brothers of Bay City, MI is a premier beverage distributor providing licensed accounts beverages throughout Michigan as well as central Wisconsin. This 100,000 square foot is located in Bay City, Michigan that includes beer storage space, receiving area, larger recycling center, and offices.

The LED lights are much less expensive to operate, are a whiter light that gives our facility a more state of the art appearance, and have been very well received by our employees from a functional standpoint. - John M. Bicknell II, COO, Fabiano Brothers, Inc.


Fabiano Brothers wanted to implement a brighter and more efficient light source throughout their office spaces in their building.


Fabiano Brothers had fluorescent lighting throughout thie office spaces, and they wanted a whiter, brighter look.


Fabiano Brothers decided that they wanted to convert their office lighting to LED lighting, like the rest of their facility is equipped with. They knew that the savings on LED lighting were significant, but they also were attracted to the other benefits of LED lighting too.


Electro-Matic Visual was able to supply the LED panel lights that are virtually maintenance free and are designed to provide employees with higher energy levels.


The LED panel lights were adjusted to accommodate the workers environment. Correct lighting where employees are present has been proven to provide them with higher energy levels to help them stay focused, be more positive and more productive. This lighting is ideal for the offices because of their ability to not only produce efficient light but also consistent light. Traditional fluorescent light can not be projected in a particular direction, where LEDs can. Having a consistent light throughout a given area, gives a room more visibility and virtually no dead spots.

Fabiano Brothers

1885 Bevanda Court
Bay City, MI 48706

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