Hunters Square Shopping Center

Hunters Square Shopping Center

The massive 353,951 square foot shopping center is loaded with name brand restaurants and retail outlets for shopaholics to enjoy themselves at. Located on Orchard Lake Road, in Farmington Hills, MI, this shopping center is on prime real estate.

The LED lighting gives Hunters Square Shopping Center the clean, safe, and attractive look and feel they needed.


With everyone’s eyes being on Hunters Square Shopping Center, they were in need of lighting to attract and promote a safe, clean, and friendly shopping environment.


The old parking lot lighting was outdated, dim, and many of the fixtures were burned out.


The property managers of Hunters Square Shopping Center was hoping to be able to retrofit their current lighting with LED Lighting, enhancing visibility, while drawing less energy.


Electro-Matic Visual did a photometric analysis was the right fit for the large shopping center as they provided a combined 130 LED parking lot lights and LED wall pack lights.


The parking lot is much brighter and appealing to the stores that are in the shopping complex, as well as safer for the customers who patron those stores. Everyone seems much happier with the new lighting at Hunters Square.

Hunters Square Shopping Center

30825 Orchard Lake Rd.
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Electro-Matic Visual