Kingsway Christian School

Kingsway Christian School

Kingsway Christian School is a K-12 private school that has a mission to prepare life-long learners who impact the nations for the glory of God.

The look of the lights is great! EM was able to unify the look of the district, save energy and increase light levels consistently. I have got nothing but positive comments and reactions for both educators and parents.


Compared to some of the other schools in their conference, their gym lighting was inadequate.


Their goal was to economically and adequately light the gym.


The gym featured 24, 400-watt metal-halide fixtures that were part of the school’s original design.


The school had already begun replacing a few lights with corn cob style LED replacements. The school had generated enough money from fundraisers to purchase 24 lights. We provided a demo with one of Electro-Matic’s Skylark fixtures and performed a photometric study on the gym. We were able to determine the gym only required 15 Skylark fixtures to adequately light the gym.


We not only provided superb lighting in the gym, but we were also able to reduce the amount of initial investment for the school and reduce their energy costs in the gym by 60%. In addition, we were able to help facilitate a 50% rebate (total cost of the project) from the local utility service provider.

Kingsway Christian School

11138 Old Lincoln Way E.
Orrville, OH 44667

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