Namdar Realty Group

Namdar Realty Group

Namdar Realty Group is a privately held, commercial real estate investment firm, owning and managing over 35 million square feet of commercial real estate throughout the United States. Founded in 1999, Namdar started with a single acquisition of a small retail storefront in Long Island, NY. It has since thrived to become one of the fastest-growing private real estate investment firms in the country. It is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, averaging over 20 acquisitions annually over the last 4 years, consisting primarily of large retail malls, shopping centers, office, and medical buildings.

Electro-Matic is very excited to be able to work with Namdar Realty Group on their ongoing projects. We are proud to be able to provide energy savings and increased lighting levels for their mission of improving their properties for the surrounding communities. It has been a pleasure working with their team and we look forward to continuing the relationship. — Ben Riedel, Sales Engineer at Electro-Matic


Namdar Realty Group has taken great pride in transforming their numerous properties including their retail malls, shopping centers, office and medical buildings, to benefit their surrounding communities, making the environment green for everyone. They have made capital improvements to save energy costs to their buildings and properties helping lessors and tenants save money while going and staying green. Namdar Realty Group has taken great initiative to improve their properties for the environment, and for the surrounding communities one step at a time, starting with their new LED Lighting.


Namdar Realty Group decided to convert its interior and exterior lighting to LED with Electro-Matic Visual, Inc. to significantly reduce operating costs, maintenance costs, and improve safety.


Electro-Matic and Namdar Realty Group worked together to convert their old metal halide, florescent, and compact florescent lighting to LED without interfering with day-to-day operations for over 13 properties nationwide.


“We are very pleased with the results of the new lighting. Not only has it drastically improved our properties, but it has also saved us a lot on energy costs. It has been a pleasure working with Electro-Matic to get us these great results. We are looking forward to continuing working together,” said Jonathan Abda, Senior Financial Analyst of Namdar Reality Group.

Namdar Realty Group

150 Great Neck Rd #304
Great Neck, NY 11021

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