Digital LED Billboards

Reliable and feature-rich, a LED digital billboard from Electro-Matic Visual helps maximize out-of-home advertising revenue and optimize your ROI. Digital billboards are not only eye-catching and crystal-clear, but they’re also extremely durable across all types of climates and conditions. Digital LED billboards are currently available in 10mm and 16mm pixel pitches and each includes a remote PC backup system to provide constant monitored uptime.

See the Big Picture with a Digital Billboard

Electro-Matic Visual’s Digital Billboard is the ultimate attention-grabbing LED display. The large, high definition digital billboard is completely customizable to fit any new application or replace an existing printed billboard.

Electronic LED billboard displays, compared to traditional billboards, have more display potential, flexibility and advantages. Digital billboard displays can be programmed to display texts, images, and animations. By upgrading a static billboard or installing a new LED billboard display, placing 12 and 16 ads on one structure can increase profitability by 12 times or more.

Higher ROI

Place up to 16 ads on one structure

Better graphics

Use dynamic animations and any possible color

Brighter, clearer displays

Well-lit for extra attention

Easier to switch

Digitally reprogrammable at any time.

Digital LED Billboard Display

Full-Color Digital Billboards

Full-color digital billboards provide unparalleled display quality, ease of use, and durability. These digital displays are designed for rugged outdoor use, and will maintain their high-quality presentation without the need for extensive maintenance. Built-in venting and a sturdy metal frame protects the digital billboard from heat and cold extremes, making it easy to install almost anywhere. Our digital displays offer versatile software monitoring capabilities and can integrate with whatever software you are using. These displays are designed for optimal energy efficiency and easy use, so you can program and reprogram your billboard easily, and keep it shining brightly at any time, day or night.

Multiple connection options

60 FPS display with trillions of colors

24 hour technical support

Five year parts and labor warranty

Full media services library

Software Monitoring

TDO Advertising and Electro-Matic Visual Install Digital Billboard in Toldeo

Founded in 2015, TDO Advertising is one of the fastest growing outdoor advertising companies in the Toledo area. With more than 90 displays in high traffic areas, TDO Advertising offers advertisers a variety of bulletin (or static printed), and digital billboards helping both local businesses and national brands reach their audiences.

While looking to increase their digital footprint in the Toledo market, TDO turned to Metro Detroit-based Digital Billboard Manufacturer, Electro-Matic Visual to help them accomplish their goal.

“I’m the president of Eco signs and we do everything signage. We manage over 200 faces for half a dozen different billboard companies. I’ve fixed, repaired, and sold just about every digital display out there. Today, I won’t sell anything but an Electro- Matic display. The thing I really admire about Electro-Matic is when I came down in the facility, I saw how things are built, and they go the extra mile. They sent a technician out for our first install on a digital billboard and it was extremely helpful to get hands-on assistance from the guy who built it. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Electro-Matic.”

David Small, President at ECO Sign Solutions

More Ad Space, Better Recognition

Digital billboards are win-win for billboard owners and advertisers. Digital billboards can display as many as 16 ads on one structure, multiplying ad revenue for billboard owners. Advertisers also benefit from clearer, brighter, more dynamic and eye-catching advertisements. Digital billboards also offer greater flexibility; advertisers can choose the level of exposure that works with their needs and budget. This also allows billboard owners to appeal to a greater number of advertisers working with different budgets. A single ad might appear for about 8 to 10 seconds (one “blip”), and varying numbers of appearances can help advertisements find the right balance of budget and ad space.

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