City of Royal Oak

City of Royal Oak

Royal Oak is a popular destination in the Metro Detroit area for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Having these structures tied to an LED Display keeps the city’s traffic flowing around the downtown area as well as making it easier for our guests and residents to find available parking.


The city of Royal Oak was looking for a system to let their residents and guests understand the parking spaces available in the garages within the city.


The city was adding a counting system in three of our garages in hopes to communicate the availability of parking spaces to the residents and guests. However, they needed a solution to display this information on the sides of their structures.


Royal Oak needed an LED provider to work with Park Rite to communicate the available spaces in the three structures.


Electro-Matic teamed up with Johnson Sign Company, Park Rite and Royal Oak to implement the solution they desired. Park Rite and Electro-Matic were able to use their technologies in a way to count each car that came in and out of each structure and display that number on each LED Display. This made it easier for the residents and guests to choose available parking spaces. The completed projects around the city of Royal Oak included 10mm LED displays throughout six separate parking garages.


The benefits of using this technology allows Royal Oak guests to find parking spaces quickly. In turn, allowing them to spend more time in the downtown area whether it be shopping or dining.

City of Royal Oak

1600 N Campbell Rd.
Royal Oak MI 48067

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