Jenison Mister Car Wash

Jenison Mister Car Wash

Professional Exterior Car Wash, located in Western Michigan, known for their Unlimited Wash Club memberships.

When the car wash advertised that they were hiring on their new LED sign, they convincingly received more applications than when they tried advertising open positions on their old static reader board.


Jenison Car Wash was having an employee change their old sign daily, and it was very time consuming, and the messaging was getting overlooked.


Their old signs consisted of static and traditional reader boards.


Jenison Car Wash felt from competitive standpoint, that adding an LED display would separate them from potential competition. They believed the LED sign gives businesses the opportunity to have an attractive, modern look while connecting with passing traffic.


Electro-Matic Visual took a look at their current signage situation, and suggested a full color LED Display would greatly impact the customers passing by their location.


Jenison Car Wash has been enjoying their full color, 16mm, 4’x8’, LED display and have been seeing great results. Their three-month subscriptions and monthly memberships have seen a significant boost.

Jenison Mister Car Wash

325 Baldwin
Jenison, MI 48226

Electro-Matic Visual