Kafka Granite, LLC

Kafka Granite, LLC

Kafka Granite, LLC has grown into one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of specialty aggregates and crushed stone in the United States. Their products are used for many applications such as landscaping stone, architectural precast concrete, terrazzo flooring, epoxy resin tile, pathway and ballyard materials, and non-skid surfacing.

Electro-Matic provided us a high-quality 11mm message center that helped us achieve additional branding and advertising.


Kafka Granite needed a new sign that could exude better and more effective advertisements off the highway.


Before Electro-Matic, their previous signage had very little street and highway presence.


The goal was to purchase a new display that could showcase specials Kafka Granite was having through high-resolution pictures and videos.


Electro Matic analyzed the situation and teamed up with Stratford Sign company to provide Kafka Granite with a full-color, top of the line, 11mm message center.


Kafka Granite is now able to show full-length, high-quality advertisement imaging, commercials, and videos on their new display that is easy for potential customers to see from the highway.

Kafka Granite, LLC

550 East Hwy WI-153
Mosinee, WI 54455

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