KFC of Trotwood

KFC of Trotwood

An American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky that specializes in fried chicken, known for their world famous recipe.

“With our new LED sign from Electro-Matic we have seen our sales increase by 30%. At first I was against getting and LED sign, but now that we have one and have seen the results I wouldn’t open another KFC restaurant without one.” – Joan Bowling, KFC Owner


This KFC Ohio restaurant was being remodeled, and it seemed like the perfect time to add Electro-Matic Visual’s electronic digital signage to their marketing mix.


Their original sign was a static KFC sign, that had no capability to advertise specials or new offerings.


KFC wanted to upgrade their static sign to an LED sign to promote new menu items, home style sides, buttermilk biscuits, catering, and of course their world famous chicken, enticing hungry customers to stop in.


Electro-Matic Visual added a full color LED sign to the current, static sign that KFC already had on site. This allows them to keep the KFC branding and name out front at all times, while rotating specials underneath their already existing sign.


Since the installation of their new electronic message center KFC has been seeing some wonderful results. Beyond an overall increase in revenue and profit margin that exceeded their expectations, they now have the ability to effectively promote other elements of their business, such as the catering services they offer that they had a hard time doing with their old static signage. “Our catering business has exploded from our LED slides – it’s so easy to create compelling and effective content using Electro-Matic’s software to drive more business to our restaurant.” – Heather Bowling, KFC Owner

KFC of Trotwood

5321 Salem Ave
Trotwood, OH 45426

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