MI Backyard Hot Tubs

MI Backyard Hot Tubs

MI Backyard Hot Tubs is a local hot tub dealer in Brighton, Michigan. They proudly represent a full line of hot tubs by Marquis® Spas, are consistently rated number one in the spa industry, and rated HIGHEST in owner satisfaction.

I can’t believe how effective this advertising tool was for our new business. We had customers asking when we were opening and give us deposits for new hot tubs for their second homes!


MI Backyard Hot Tubs was a new company opening in the Brighton area. They provide hot tubs and other accessories for your up north experience.


Being a new company, in a new building, and a new community made the way they started their advertising very important. Electro-Matic wanted to take advantage of the time that they were under construction by getting an LED display out there early so they could start advertising their business.


In the long term, MI Backyard Hot Tubs wanted to expand brand awareness in its new location. However, as a short term goal, they wanted to advertise enough to get people in the store for their grand opening.


Electro-Matic partnered up local Brighton company, Image 360, to create the perfect signage for MI Hot Tubs. Together, we were able to bring people to their grand opening on October 12, 2018.


Running Electro-Matic’s display and strategically programming it to potential customers allowed for MI Backyard Hot Tubs to close two sales before they even had their grand opening.

MI Backyard Hot Tubs

8160 Grand River Rd.
Brighton, MI 48114

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