The Brat Stop

The Brat Stop

Known as the unofficial “Gateway to Wisconsin”, providing live entertainment, an American restaurant and cheese shop to over 450,000 visitors per year .

The Brat Stop was well-known to visitors crossing the Wisconsin, Illinois border, but they were looking for more ways to advertise their live concerts and sporting events, and to remind everyone that they were the family-friendly stop that should not be missed.


The Brat Stop needed a better way to communicate with travelers the didn’t know everything they offered. They weren’t only a stop to grab a world famous brat, but also hosted live concert events, had volleyball tournaments and had a pupluar cheese shop on site.


Their old ‘CHEESE’ sign, indicated that they had cheese, and indicated their hours of operation, but did not advertise everything they had to offer.


The Brat Stop location wanted to be able to display poignant messages, graphics and videos to be tailored to the many different events they hosted, and wanted to entice more people driving by on the highway to stop in to check them out.


Electro-Matic Visual knew that their old sign was a fan favorite to travelers, so they came up with a solution to enhance their current sign, by adding a full color LED Display underneath the popular ‘CHEESE’ static sign.


The Brat Stop is now able to easily change their messaging for their ever changing events, drink specials and other promotions. Customers have commented on the large addition to the classic sign that they have been familiar with for decades.

The Brat Stop

12304 75th St
Kenosha, WI 53142

Electro-Matic Visual