Troy Dental Studio

Troy Dental Studio

A local Michigan dental facility providing premier cosmetic and general dental services, where friendly meets exceptional service and professionalism and quality and comfort come together.

We have been beyond satisfied with our new LED sign as we are seeing a high engagement. We are able to communicate with passing drivers about services we offer, website information, and contact information, all from the comfort of our building. – Dr. Shikha Batra, Troy Dental Studio


For fifteen plus years, Top of Troy Dental was the go-to practice of Ivy League-educated Dr. Shikha Batra. The practice now known as Troy Dental Studio, moved to a newly constructed building, more than twice the size of the previous space.


Troy Dental’s new street level building, needed to have an  impact of clients passing by, and wanted to set itself apart from the other practices in the area.


Troy Dental was looking for a way to be able to promote, not only the dental services that they provide, but also advertise the ‘spa’ services they provide. With so many different services, they needed a way to be able to get the messaging out, so current and future patients would know all of the offerings. Also, with the new construction, they wanted to have the latest in LED lighting technology in their parking lot.


When moving into the new building Dr. Batra and Troy Dental Studio agreed that implementing an LED sign and LED lighting would give them the opportunity to build community rapport, reduce operating costs, and generate more business. Electro-Matic Visual and Image 360 teamed up to install Troy Dental Studio with a full color,  11mm LED display and LED parking lot lighting fixtures.

LED parking lot lighting is becoming more popular by the day. Troy Dental Studio felt the benefits of LED lighting matched their goals of having a welcoming, calming and safe environment that their customers can enjoy. Electro-Matic Visual supplied Troy Dental Studio with LED parking lot lights to improve the visibility and safety for their customers, establishing the environment that they were striving for.


“Our new LED parking lot lighting from Electro-Matic Visual has given our parking lot an incredible amount of light. It compliments the clean, safe, and welcoming atmosphere that we strive for.” Dr. Shikha Batra, Troy Dental Studio

Surrounded by neighborhoods and located on the busy Crooks Road, Troy Dental Studio now has the ability to continuously communicate, build rapport and inform their community with their new 11mm LED sign.

Troy Dental Studio

3960 Crooks Rd Suite 100
Troy, MI 48084

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