Wayne County Parks

Wayne County Parks

Wayne County Parks is home to the largest holiday light show in the Midwest. The lightfest features more than 47 giant animated displays and more than one million lights!

The Wayne County Lightfest has such a high interest, that it often results in a long wait line. While families have to wait in the line, near the entrance, the LED sign reminds them of the cash only fee, hours of operation and more.


Wayne County Parks wanted a better way to communicate the dates and times of their Lightfest, since it was an annual event, and outside of their website, print and banners, had no way to communicate the annual holiday event.


The original way of advertising the Lightfest, was a printed banner at the entrance to the event,


Wayne County Parks wanted to be able to advertise the Lighfest event, but also have  the flexibility to move the sign and use it for other events during other times of the year.


The LED Sign chosen from Electro-Matic Visual was actually the same design as one of their trailer demos, but with an additional custom wrap. This enables the Wayne County Lightfest to have flexibility where they want to put their sign during peak hours or when trying to inform the community of the open date.


The information that the upgraded LED display communicates allows the line to move faster and more efficient, making the experience for everyone much more enjoyable, and  considering this is a seasonal operation for Wayne County Parks, they are able to transfer the sign to other events in the spring, summer and early fall.


Wayne County Parks

7999 Merriman Road
Westland, MI 48185

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