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Standard Specifications

Manufacturer: Must be Electro-Matic Visual, Inc. – Farmington Hills, MI. ISO 9001-2015 Certified Manufacturer. Manufacturer must be operating under the same name continuously for 15 years and have all production in the United States.

Display Color: Full Color

Contrast Ratio: 8500:1

Color: 262.2 Trillion Shades

Pixel: Must be SMD

Brightness: 8000cd/m2 (NITS)

Full Cabinet Design: The Display shall have an overall cabinet to house all components. The Design shall have a heat sink for each major component. Featuring honeycomb ventilation for the LED tiles.

Mounting: Universal slide bar nut & channel on back and sides of unit. Allows for field flexible installation choices.

Data Backup: Must have data backup technology. For each individual LED tile per side for content playback. If failure occurs, only an individual tile goes out, not the entire row of tiles or section on the unit.

Construction: Must have Aluminum Extrusion based cabinet with front ventilation for both intake and exhaust out of the face of display.

Deliveries: 6-8 Weeks or Less

Graphics Capability: Text, graphics, video files utilizing AVI, WMV, GIF, JPG,PNG, and MP4 formats supported. Logos, multiple font styles and sizes utilizing standard fonts and Windows True Fonts, jpeg and bitmap picture files and optional live video capability. Video files up to 60 frames per second.

Video controller standard: NovaStar Multimedia Player

Dimming Options: Automatic

Viewing Angle: 160 degrees horizontal, and 100 degrees vertical

LED Rating: 100,000 hours

Display Service: Front service and access.

Front Vented: Intake and exhaust venting on face of the display to allow for flush mounting.

Programming Software: Must be Proprietary VUE Software included with the sign at no extra cost. Graphic overlay with movable text frames capable of showing standard and imported Windows fonts, time, temperature, message scheduling by day/date/time, edit playlist order without re-transmitting files. RSS feeds built in at no extra cost to operate. Unlimited Seats, no copy protection and lifetime updates. Unlimited access to Free Training Videos and Lifetime access to Graphics Library.

Flexibility: Must have ability to field upgrade from 13.89 mm to 10 mm & 6mm

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5-year parts & optional 5-year labor warranty

Technical Support: Lifetime 24/7/365 direct factory technical support.

Diagnostic Capabilities: Software enabled automatic pixel failure detection, power supply voltage monitoring.

Certifications: Must be UL listed for United States and Canada and conform to UL Standard 48 and Canada CSA Standard C22.2 No. 207, IP67. ISO 9001-2015 Certified Manufacturer. Must be FCC Compliant.

LED Type: SMD – Standard (Surface Mount Diode)

Electro-Matic Visual